I am so utterly busy indeed.

It’s been crazy these last couple months. I’ve had probably 3 days with no errands, no meetings, and nothing scheduled… since early May! What with moving preparations, with my last weeks at all my schools, with job search and interviews and financial struggles, with meeting up with friends and going to my last social events in Aomori… It’s just too much for my little brain to handle.

Normally, I cook at least one big meal a week, usually curry, and save it to eat the rest of the week whenever I don’t want to fix anything in particular. Since April or May, though, I’ve cooked so much less than usual, eaten out so much more, which saves time but hurts my already-thin wallet even more. (My wallet isn’t actually thin though; it’s a pretty thick and cute Cinnamoroll)

utterly busy
This is my wallet

I haven’t even finished the Obi-Wan miniseries; I still have two episodes to go, just because there has been so little time to actually watch it where I can actually devote the brainpower to critically viewing an important entry in my favorite franchise. Hell, I can’t even regularly play Magic: The Gathering Online matches! That’s how utterly busy I am.

Honestly, writing blogs has been my one outlet for all of this stress lately. Posts like this one have let me reflect on myself, about the world, about pop culture. I’ve helped myself come to appreciate some really tiny things that kinda honestly make my day when I think about them.

Not that you’d know from my posting schedule, though! I’ve only posted 5 times since May, and one was a repost. Secretly, though, I’ve built up a really huge backlog, and I’m just waiting for the right time to start posting it all. I can’t wait to share it; I think I’ve done some of my best work in some of the upcoming posts. (Here’s a hint to one post)

Actually, I’m using this very blog post here as a way to decompress and also procrastinate on important things I have to do this evening. Who can blame me?

(You can blame me if you want, but only if you buy my books)

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