Finally, I moved! It took one of the busiest months of my entire life, but I successfully moved from my teacher house in the tip of Aomori, all the way to a small apartment in Shizuoka.

A month ago today, I still didn’t even have a job, let alone a specific location to move to; there were a couple positions I was still interviewing for and getting offers for, but it was extremely late in the game; in fact it was late enough that I had to move all my stuff first to a friend’s house and stay there for a couple weeks before job training started. The stress level was intense, and that’s not even mentioning the final trip itself. I moved, almost entirely by car, driving across two days and half of the Honshu island. It was by far the most I’ve driven in a single day before!

Now, I’m still not fully unpacked in my new place, and my finances are going to be really precarious until my first full paycheck in October. But I’m feeling better than ever about where my life’s headed. My first week at my new workplace has been very nice, and I’m really loving the location. It’s just as scenic and nature-filled as my home in Aomori, but it’s within reasonable distance to Tokyo and Nagoya, not to mention Shizuoka City and Hamamatsu which are both great. You can see Mt. Fuji on a mildly clear day! Although around my house is basically impossible because all the other mountains blocking the way, lol.

I like my new job, I like my new home, I like where I’m at, and I like being able to present more in line with my gender identity in public now without any worries. Money… is a big issue. But I guess that’s just motivation to release that Systemless ebook on Kindle Unlimited sooner rather than later, huh.

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