I’m really busy. I’ve got book deadlines coming, comics to finish reading, real life social stuff to deal with, and another stockpile of fun blogs to build up.

I’m really happy about it all, honestly.

Most of 2022 was a gigantic mess for me, and it lasted through early 2023. Almost no creative activity, financial woes, being forced to move twice in a single year, and struggles in finding friends in my new homes. I was busy then, too, but it didn’t always feel great.

I’m still posting my Progress Mini-Blogs on Tumblr, but don’t expect regular full-sized stuff like this too often for a little bit.

For some reason, it’s totally different with this busy streak. Now I’m in Kyoto, experiencing a brand-new urban life, actually writing again, refreshing my extremely fond memories of MS Paint Adventures, working a fun job and no impending financial disaster. I actually pulled off moving a second time in a year without taking out another soul-crushing loan, and I’ve already hung out with friends more times in Kyoto than I ever did in Shizuoka for the 7 months I lived there.

Maybe it’s just the fact it’s high springtime and I always feel better this time of year. But despite lots of shit going on in my life basically every day, this level of busy isn’t bad at all.

I’m finally excited for the future, not dreading its uncertainly like I’d been doing basically constantly since I decided not to renew my contract Aomori back in early 2021. These past two years have been really tough. A lot of lonely streaks, failed projects, huge mistakes, terrible spending. But suddenly, I’m not forced to look at all of that as “How did I end up like this?” but rather, “Those are the struggles I succeeded at, that I endured to get to where I am now.”

I’m ready to coast. I’m in a decent but poorly paying job, in a tiny apartment, in a station just a bit far away from the city center. But I ain’t changing nothing.

Since I graudated high school ten years ago next week, I’ve lived in 13 different places. Apartments, dorms, houses. I’ve never lived anywhere a full uninterrupted two years.

But, God Willing, this time I’m gonna stay here, working my current job as long as I can possibly ride this thing out–I’m talking like April 2026 or something if I can manage it. I’m gonna write some kickass stories, not for money but just to impress y’all. And I’m gonna live it up in Kyoto and not waste my years sitting at home all day on social media.

I’m not gonna have a big artist breakout for a few years, but I’m not planning for one. I want to live life free from instability, from constant worrying and fretting, and so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Anyway, I’m busy now. Check up on my Progress Mini-Blogs to keep me accountable though. Yell at me if I don’t update for a couple days!

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