5th Anniversary of Coming to Japan

I came to Japan 5 years ago, and a lot’s happened since then.

Almost four years in snowy Aomori, half a year in sunny Shizuoka, and almost a year in variable weather Kyoto… I’ve lived in four and a half houses, worked in about 15 different schools, gotten big into and slowly out of debt two separate times, and met a lot of mostly wonderful people from all sorts of backgrounds.

So many firsts in these last five years, as well. First time I lived in a snowy environment, first time I drove on the left side of the road, first time I finished publishing a novel, first time I maintained a journal for a whole year, first time I went to a Pride parade, first time I moved entirely on my own without support, first time I went on 3 dates with 3 people in a single week, first time I traveled for a week all by myself… The list could go on.

It’s also been an incredibly ridiculous 5 years for the world. Three of the five were consumed by COVID-19; I didn’t even stop masking until this past July. And I may have to mask up again this winter, if the flu season stays as bad as it has been lately. My moviegoing spirit deflated as film releases slowed, as restrictions kept me from theaters, as a half-year strike kept movies sparse even to this day. And the less said about that period from November 2020 to January 2021, the better.

5 years hasn’t felt that long, but it also feels like an absolute eternity ago. My twenties are nearly over and I’ve now spent most of my adult life in Japan. If I ever go back to America for good, will I even be able to readjust? Or will I be bowing to superiors and having too low a personal space bubble for decades to come?

Here’s a blogged recap of some of the stuff I’ve done since I came to Japan 5 years ago.


I could go on. But I won’t because that’d be real long.

I came to Japan 5 years ago, and my whole life has changed. One thing that hasn’t, though, is that I keep posting to this blog way more than I ever should. Oops, I spend like 10x the hours-per-post-view for researching/writing for this blog than for planning/writing an actual book.

Still, it’s a good time. Now with five years of this blog, it was really easy for me to look back on all the cool stuff. You can also look back at it. I recommend doing exactly that.

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