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Hi. I’m B. A. Baker, also known as Thedude3445. I’m an author of books, comics, essays, and other content all across the internet. Thank you for stopping by. Please take a look at my stories and blog posts and read them all you like.

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The Gay Gatsby

Hands Held in the Snow

Reborn on a Systemless Earth… With a System

The Anime That Changed Everything: Reflections on Madoka Magica

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B. A. Baker’s Latest Blog Posts

  • Dirty Secrets of Blogging
    I’m gonna give you some dirty secrets of blogging. I’m writing this right after my post about offline mobile games, which I think was a pretty weird ramble that didn’t have too much to say. But it was pretty long regardless! Well, one of the dirty secrets of blogging is that a whole lot of
  • Memorial Day Box Office Addendum
    So, from my last post decrying the box office of summer 2024, there’s a good as heck update. June is shaping up to be a huge improvement over May, thanks to exactly what I was talking about. Actual quality releases, just plain good movies audiences want to see, all bunched together and lifting each other
  • Offline Mobile Game Rereleases
    I’ve been thinking lately about offline mobile game rereleases. There’s so many live service games, giant content mines that churn out stuff for years on end to keep people playing and to entice more microtransactions, more ad revenue. But then, inevitably, the time comes when the game stops making money, when microtransactions dry up and
  • Kusube Aya Pokemon Card Art Spotlight
    Today I’m going to introduce you to Kusube Aya Pokemon card art. She has made Pokemon card art for over 20 years, and recently passed over 120 cards! That’s a ton! Of course, Kusube Aya is also famous for a few Pokemon children’s books, themed like this: And here we get one of Kusube’s main
  • The Biggest Movie Flops of the 2010s–And Why
    The biggest movie flops of the 2010s… A dubious honor if there ever was one. These movies belong to an exclusive club of financial losers so big they put everyone else to shame. Some video game can bomb studios out of business. Some TV shows will get canned so hard they put huge crews out

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