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Hi. I’m B. A. Baker, also known as Thedude3445. I’m an author of books, comics, essays, and other content all across the internet. Thank you for stopping by. Please take a look at my stories and blog posts and read them all you like.

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The Gay Gatsby

Hands Held in the Snow

Reborn on a Systemless Earth… With a System

The Anime That Changed Everything: Reflections on Madoka Magica

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B. A. Baker’s Latest Blog Posts

  • Craven
    Can you believe Craven was the guy’s real name? I’m of course talking about Wes Craven, the horror icon, the director and writer who launched entire franchises, who revolutionized the slasher genre not once, not twice, but three whole times. But I haven’t actually watched any of his films beyond one curio. Kinda weird and
  • Link Scoop 007: Hobonichi Techo Edition
    Hey y’all, it’s time for the Hobonichi Techo Edition of Link Scoop, and the first one since the servers got all changed over. Why Hobonichi Techo, the famous planner/diary book created by Shigesato Itoi? Because I got my new one this week! My New Hobonichi Techo for 2024 I’d been using the A5-size Cousin book
  • My 25 Favorite Pokemon Illustration Cards
    Here in this post, I’m going to introduce you to my 25 favorite Pokemon illustration cards. I’ve already told you about my love for old Pokemon card art, to my disbelief about the sheer variety of alternate art recently, and my adoration for the recent trend of illustration rares. This time, though, I want to
  • Pokemon Card Illustration Rares
    While I’m skeptical on some of the ridiculous gaudy ultra hyper rares in the Pokemon card game, I’m in love with Pokemon card illustration rares. This stuff is the best ever! Y’all know I love Pokemon card art, but this is another level. With a vastly expanded canvas and looser style guidelines, Pokemon’s artists are
  • Cloud
    It’s interesting how much of our lives are stuck on the cloud. Some hard drive on a server rack in a data center in upstate New York or Atlanta, Georgia holds the keys to all our lives. Family photos, ebooks, pirated games, a few sensitive tax documents we shouldn’t be storing this way. Some of

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