• Craven
    Can you believe Craven was the guy’s real name? I’m of course talking about Wes Craven, the horror icon, the director and writer who launched entire franchises, who revolutionized the slasher genre not once, not twice, but three whole times. But I haven’t actually watched any of his films beyond one curio. Kinda weird and crazy, but somehow I’ve never gotten into Scream, Elm Street, Music of the Heart, any of that horrific stuff. Only the first Swamp thing movie way back in the day. I guess you could say, then, I’m not really craving Craven. But I’m sure he’s
  • Link Scoop 007: Hobonichi Techo Edition
    Hey y’all, it’s time for the Hobonichi Techo Edition of Link Scoop, and the first one since the servers got all changed over. Why Hobonichi Techo, the famous planner/diary book created by Shigesato Itoi? Because I got my new one this week! My New Hobonichi Techo for 2024 I’d been using the A5-size Cousin book since 2020 (for Americans, A5 size is like 2/3rds a letter size paper). But I wasn’t using the extra space as much this year, and I decided to increase portability and return to the A6 original size (A6 is half of A5). My favorite, money-wasting
  • My 25 Favorite Pokemon Illustration Cards
    Here in this post, I’m going to introduce you to my 25 favorite Pokemon illustration cards. I’ve already told you about my love for old Pokemon card art, to my disbelief about the sheer variety of alternate art recently, and my adoration for the recent trend of illustration rares. This time, though, I want to dig even deeper. I’m going to show off my very favorite Pokemon illustration cards and express just what moves me so much about each one. (They aren’t actually my Top 25; this isn’t actually a ranking thing. It’s just good clickbait to title the article
  • Pokemon Card Illustration Rares
    While I’m skeptical on some of the ridiculous gaudy ultra hyper rares in the Pokemon card game, I’m in love with Pokemon card illustration rares. This stuff is the best ever! Y’all know I love Pokemon card art, but this is another level. With a vastly expanded canvas and looser style guidelines, Pokemon’s artists are able to express some extremely interesting stuff. There’s no risk of crowding out space in the tiny panel. No risk of confusing players by showing too many background Pokemon–it’s all alternate art, so the stakes are lower, and creativity is higher. I’ve complained in recent
  • Cloud
    It’s interesting how much of our lives are stuck on the cloud. Some hard drive on a server rack in a data center in upstate New York or Atlanta, Georgia holds the keys to all our lives. Family photos, ebooks, pirated games, a few sensitive tax documents we shouldn’t be storing this way. Some of us don’t even keep files on our personal devices anymore. The hassle of transferring everything is a bigger problem than the privacy risk. It’s like that for me too, generally. The cloud is really useful. When I was twelve, my parents’ computer got reformatted. They
  • Bears
    I like bears. Who doesn’t like bears? They’re great big majestic monsters. And for most of human history, they have been feared, despised, taboo to even speak about. Allegedly, some languages outright replaced the original word for bear with a euphemism for them. But then society progressed. Bears aren’t that dangerous anymore. Well, they’re dangerous, sure. Polar bears, at least, will still hunt humans. But we’re prepared for that stuff. They’re not like tigers that often actively seek out to harm people. Bears stay away at almost all costs and attack us to defend their kids. We’ve reduced their territory
  • Pokemon Card Alternate Art
    So, as a tangent from my normal Pokemon Card Art Spotlights, where I feature various awesome artists and their best Pokemon cards, today I’d like to show off some Pokemon card alternate art. What is Pokemon card alternate art, you ask? Uh, simple. It’s when they make two versions of a card, and one of them looks completely different than the main one. They’re usually way more rare but also way more visually interesting. And, honestly, I gotta say, that’s really cool. It’s not always good. Sometimes it makes the basic versions feel like an artistic afterthought, even when they’re
  • Introducing Word Essays
    I’m going to be introducing Word Essays, a new type of blog on this site. Sporadically with no schedule, I’m going to post short essays based on a random single word. I’ll use this random word generator and pick a word that comes up to ponder on. I’m introducing Word Essays partly because my friend wants me to write more generic blog topics to use as filler text for her RPG. But also partly because I want to flex my ability to write good stuff in a short space. My blogs often turn into extended rambles, and no I rarely
  • Modern Oz Adaptations! Let’s Make Them!
    It is absolutely inconceivable to me that nobody has made modern Oz adaptations yet. Not in any meaningful way, at least. We got the 80s Return to Oz, a few cool comic books in the 00s, that awful Disney movie, and of course Wicked. But there’s never been a real attempt at a wholesale franchise. A whole new world using this rich, weird, pre-Tolkien fantasy series. Maybe it’s because there’s not enough cultural relevance these days? I’ve only read, I don’t know, three or four books, and not since middle school at least. Gen Z kids probably haven’t even seen
  • What’s Your Favorite RPG City?
    I gotta ask, what’s your favorite RPG city? It’s a time-honored tradition of RPGs to build out big cities, hubs for you to find quests, get worldbuilding exposition, and heal and equip your characters before going out for battle. “City” can be a big metropolis, or just a small village, as long as it’s fun to explore. (btw, I took the header picture from here) Almost no matter the type of RPG, there’s going to be some cities worth remembering. If you ask me what’s your favorite RPG city, my brain heads towards a few different answers. Mostly based on
  • Aging Characters In Real Time – My Author Dream
    There’s nothing more I love in a big story than aging characters in real time. Or, at least, close to real time. Everyone knows long franchises often get caught in a rut with characters aging. People love the characters as-is, so they’ll stay as-is for as long as possible. Comics have their famous floating timelines, where a teenager in 1960 will still be a teenager in 2020, and a World War II veteran in 1960 will be an Afghanistan veteran in 2020. Characters may age, but it’ll be so slow that a comic strip middle schooler in the 80s will
  • Zima is Still Here?!
    For some reason, in Japan, Zima is still here?! I made a post a while back about the last Zima. It was all poigniant and melancholy and following in the long line of posts I’ve made about websites and magazines and people all fading away. …But then I moved to Kyoto and found Zimas all over every supermarket and convenience store. Zimas ain’t gone at all. I don’t really understand why Zima is still here. They made such a big deal about it finally going away at the beginning of 2022. And by early 2023, I realized the truth that
  • Revolutionary Whiners
    I keep running into revolutionary whiners online, and honestly I think they’re one of the biggest problems in modern internet discussions. No matter whether it’s politics, advocacy, fandom, media news… The revolutionary whiners clog up discussion with naysaying and defeatist attitudes. It doesn’t matter if they’re right, left, centrist, or some label you have to google because it’s too vague-yet-specific–revolutionary whiners will be there. I’ll define a revolutionary whiner for you if you don’t know what I mean: Imagine you’re in a city council meeting, discussing a new transit funding proposal with a big group of citizens and city planners.
  • Bad Communication in Online Chats
    Recently, more and more, I have been coming into contact with bad communication in online chats. Where I’ve upset others and where people have caused major misunderstandings, all through simple messages. It’s not something I really experienced until the last couple years, and it’s making me think about the entire way we talk online. Or, I guess, the way I talk online. Syntax, formatting, punctuation, all of it. As far as this blog goes, and my Letterboxd, and most all of my public postings, I write in this current kinda casual but well-formatted style. I wouldn’t write like this in
  • Imakuni Tomoaki Pokemon Card Art Spotlight
    When I started writing this article for my Pokemon Card Art Spotlight series, it hadn’t hit me who Imakuni Tomoaki really was. My usual source for Pokemon card art, Pkmncards, doesn’t list Japan-only cards for some reason. So it was only when I searched the artist when I realized–holy crap this is THE Imakuni? One of the most hallowed, revered parts of Pokemon lore, Imakuni? is the personality of, well, Imakuni Tomoaki who is a crazy weird black suit wearing maniac. He’s got a lot of joke cards in the card game, weird songs (the Japanese Pokemon rap!), and live
  • There’s So Many Tourists in Japan Now
    Oh my stars and garters, there’s so many tourists in Japan right now!! It’s absolute lunacy every time I go anywhere! Part of it is that I moved to Kyoto. There’s brand-new tourists every day with their glassy-eyed mild jetlag looks wandering around stations and famous spots. But it’s not just here. Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Nara… It’s all the same. Even when I went on a two-day trip to Okayama in September, I still found plenty of tourists who seemed mildly confused to be here. Even now in cold winter, the streets are still crowded with people from all over
  • Link Scoop 006: New Year, Oops It’s February
    Oops it’s February and I’m wishing a new year to all the lovely Link Scoop followers out there. I’ve found a lot of weird or cool stuff on the internet for you, though, so you’re gonna be very excited for these next few scoops. Well, here we go with the Oops, It’s February edition of Link Scoop. Forget Palworld, Yakuza Is the New Pokemon I’ve always wanted to play the Yakuza (Like A Dragon) games, but I never had a Playstation in my youth and now I never have the time for these 50 hour stories. But the more I
  • New Discord Logo
    There’s a new Discord logo to greet all the amazing users of the local community. I call it Quinlan²: Beyond Battle. Please celebrate my skills in as you gaze upon this new Discord logo.
  • – URL Changing! (And Life Rambles)
    Change your bookmarks for this site to please! Sometime in the next month, the current Quinlan Circle sites will all go down. They’re not disappearing, necessarily; all sites are backed up and on a new server. But, there is a high likelihood that many of them will disappear. I’ve been prepping a lot of new blog posts recently, but I haven’t posted any of them because of this server change thing. So, just in case, the new URL for this site will be from now on. Just replace the part on any page URL and you’ll get
  • Link Scoop 005: Merry 3445mas
    Merry 3445mas, and a happy New 3445! As we close up the year and prepare to celebrate a very merry 3445mas, we have some early pre-3445 presents to open up. By presents I mean links. Ho ho ho. Hehehe. Hoo hoo hoo. A Christmas Short Story, one of the best places for fantasy/sci-fi short stories on the internet, has published a new story titled “The Sound of Reindeer,” and you’ve got to read it. The description: Ada’s holiday trip to meet her girlfriend’s family becomes a bit more fraught than usual when she discovers the family’s unusual Christmas Eve
  • 5th Anniversary of Coming to Japan
    I came to Japan 5 years ago, and a lot’s happened since then. Almost four years in snowy Aomori, half a year in sunny Shizuoka, and almost a year in variable weather Kyoto… I’ve lived in four and a half houses, worked in about 15 different schools, gotten big into and slowly out of debt two separate times, and met a lot of mostly wonderful people from all sorts of backgrounds. So many firsts in these last five years, as well. First time I lived in a snowy environment, first time I drove on the left side of the road,
  • Link Scoop 004: Larger Than Life
    I’m too tired this time to add an SEO keyword in this article. Sorry! I’m lazy! So you won’t see a suspiciously repetitive phrase over and over. Or will you… Anyway, I’ve got links, and you’ve got eyeballs ready to view them. Open wide. Clickbait That Got Me: The Largest Athletes It’s been a LONG time since Outbrain got a click from me, but I had to give it props for the best clickbait title and thumbnail in a while. Something just triggered in my brain, like, hell yeah, I wanna see a ton of Large Athletes. These guys are
  • Internet Historian Didn’t Apologize for Plagiarism
    The frank truth is that the Internet Historian didn’t apologize when he plagiarized an entire article and was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad revenue as a reward. But his cult-like fandom has entered true tribalism mode to defend him nonetheless. To move on and forgive and forget and compartmentalize that this very successful, very rich creator is a thief and liar. The new Hbomberguy video on Youtube plagiarism doesn’t focus a ton on the Internet Historian; it’s just one section of many in the sprawling four-hour documentary. But it’s incredibly damning because it’s the one so far
  • Civ Is Too Long
    It’s taboo to say these feared words, but I’ll admit that Civ is too long. Sometimes way too long. And unless you drastically alter your playstyle or use certain mods, it’s very difficult to get it shorter. A few weeks ago, I was really getting into the Tides of History podcast’s overview of the ancient world, and somehow that got me playing Civ VI one weekend night. If you know me, you know I love the Civilization series. Between the six games (I’ve only played 3-6, Revolution, and Beyond Earth), I’ve probably played a good 500 hours of this franchise.
  • Link Scoop 003: True Love
    I’ve found true love, and its name is… Link Scoop. Welcome to another addition of this blog series where I share with you the things I’ve been seeing on this here wide world of web. Considering I spend a majority of my waking hours interfacing with the internet on various backlit screens, I guess you can call that true love. Or true addiction. Anyway, you’re probably the same way, which is why you’re here. You need to consume more and more internet content, which is what Link Scoop is here to provide. Open wide. The Epic Heathcliff Slug Arc Heathcliff
  • Steering Creative Obsessions Using TV
    I’m always on-and-off with projects, so I want to learn about steering creative obsessions in my life. It’s a huge struggle for me to stay focused on any project. I get obsessed with a project for a couple weeks, then it fades as other stuff takes over. Sometimes it can be as short as just a couple days, even. However, I have a brand-new hypothesis about TV shows that might change things. As you might have seen from my last post, the anime Do It Yourself!! was pretty good, but annoyed me in one specific way. That specific way is
  • The American Character from Do It Yourself!! Annoys Me
    It’s a pretty nice anime, but the Do It Yourself anime American character really annoys me in a few ways. This Fall 2022 anime came and went without a ton of fanfare, but it’s one of the very few original series that release each year. Not based on a book, manga, game, toy line, or anything else, just a straight-up story. It’s a clear Yuru Camp cash-in, trying to get a crossover audience with the classic Cute Girls Doing Cute Things shows. Most CGDCT shows are pretty heavily male audience due to anime stereotypes, but Yuru Camp was a fairly
  • Switch 2 Ideas
    I’ve got some Switch 2 ideas for you. Based on everyone else’s speculation, based on existing patents, based on the mood of the gaming world, I’m giving my idealized Nintendo Switch successor system. These aren’t predictions, per se. It’s my idealized-but-realistic version of Switch 2 ideas. Not going full-on dreamer here–there ain’t gonna be an official FPGA modular Nintendo console with a Wii disc drive add-on–but still probably cooler than the actual console will end up being. When I was sixteen, I accidentally predicted the Wii U and Switch weeks before the Wii U leaked, and my dreams of asymmetrical
  • Link Scoop 002: Scoop Harder
    Let’s scoop harder with the new Link Scoop! I’ll provide you with all the stories from around the internet I’ve been discovering, and some fun bonus stuff here and there too. Cool stuff from this series of tubes we call home. So let’s scoop harder right into today’s links. Jet Force Gemini’s coming to Switch Online! In my massive Rareware Alternate History storyline, Jet Force Gemini played a pivotal bit part in keeping Rare and Nintendo together. I never actually played it that much! My family didn’t get a copy until I was in high school, and as a space
  • Movie Studio Market Share 1995-2023: Trends I’ve Noticed
    For movie box office, one thing that’s not talked about enough is movie studio market share. How many studios are releasing big movies? How many studios get a share of the pie? It’s always fluctuating, but there’s some concerning trends that could really impact the future of movies. And trends that can reassure us that a film apocalypse is not to come. So, I’ll do a little unscientific case study (sorry Stephen Follows, no science here) and look at five different years for movie studio market share. Look at the top movies, the biggest studios, and try to glean what’s
  • Link Scoop 001: Let’s Go
    Welcome to Link Scoop, my brand-new… blog series? Newsletter? Whatever this is. Basically, the idea is simple. I give you some links–scoop up, as you might say–from across the internet. It WON’T be timely news-oriented stuff… usually. A mix of longer reads, videos, weird stuff, and whatever piques my interest. Hopefully it’ll pique yours too (then you can subscribe to my blog). Let’s begin the first-ever Link Scoop! Enjoy these assorted pieces of internet ephemera. An Art Collection of Tiny Things I love me some tiny objects, and I love me color-coordinated collections of old junk. This is both! A
  • Note Taking Workflow Experiments – Phase One
    I’ve been struggling with note taking workflow and my creative output for years. I’ve never found the right balance. Maybe soon I will. This is based on my 11/14/2023 Life Rambles post. I started rambling on there, then it got so long I spun it off into its own note taking workflow article! These are, basically, the segments of my note taking workflow: There’s not a good app for all of this stuff, and that’s OK. Purposefully separating different segments into different apps can be a healthy workflow. BUT… I want to have just a few, and right now I’m
  • Life Rambles – 11/14/2023
    Here’s my Life Rambles post for 11/14/2023, where I talk about various topics in my daily and creative life. For 11/14/2023, that is. As you know from my last post, I’m still trying to figure out what this thing might actually end up being. I’ve been emotionally kind of down the last couple days. In a real self-pity mood, which is the worst kind of mood for me to act irrationally. So I’m just keeping it down-low until pay day when I can blow all my money on, uh, paying bills I guess. Hopefully Christmas season will lift my spirits.
  • What if Nintendo Bought Rare in 2002? – An Alternate History
    I’ve always wondered, what if Nintendo bought Rare in the Gamecube era? What would Nintendo’s dire sales for the Gamecube have been like? What would Nintendo be like today? That’s what I’m gonna write about today, in the form of an alternate history document. We can pretend some other universe had all this happen, and imagine the fallout side effects. Good and bad both. But of course, as an alternate universe story, I’m gonna make it kind of best-case scenario. It’s more fun that way. Introduction: Why I’m Writing About What if Nintendo Bought Rare (We’re not to the What
  • Life Rambles – 11/06/2023
    Welcome to another life rambles, where I post a few things about my life in short succession. Vacation Week I had to work my first-ever Saturday as a teacher. It was weird and messed with my internal schedule for a while after! But thanks to that, Monday was off. And then Friday was Culture Day, a national holiday. Tuesday was Halloween, and Thursday was my birthday. So I took 3 vacation days and had the whole span off, from 10/29 to 11/5. Eight days to do whatever the heck I wanted! …So probably 3.5 of these days were just me
  • Lego Star Wars: Revenge of the Brick Ruined My Childhood
    I wrote a review of Lego Star Wars: Revenge of the Brick on Letterboxd and decided it was too nice for just that site. I’m reposting it here! I remember seeing an ad for Lego Star Wars: Revenge of the Brick in a magazine. If you knew ten-year-old me, this was an extremely very big deal. Star Wars Episode 3 was about to come out and I was absolutely ravenous for any piece of media connected to it. I watched the trailers incessantly, visited every single day, rewatched the Clone Wars microseries on Shockwave Flash player once a week,
  • Lamenting 20th Century Fox Adult Blockbusters
    They promised it wouldn’t happen like this, but it happened, and the world lost most 20th Century Fox adult blockbusters. It’s particularly disheartening when The Creator has just released under 20th Century Studios. It’s not doing very well at the box office… Not a disaster or anything, but it’s going to struggle to hit $150 million. Everyone complains about the lack of original movies made for adults, but then they never turn out for stuff like this. And each time it happens, Disney gets less and less interested in their $71 billion acquisition. My lamenting of 20th Century Fox adult
  • Life Rambles – 10/25/2023
    I’m experimenting with more general blogging, so here’s my first Life Rambles post. So here’s some short various rambles not long enough for a post of their own. Blog Structure Oh, first off, a meta-point about this very Life Rambles idea. As I said last week, I feel in flux about the current internet social networking age. But I’m still interested in writing stuff that’s more casual and not essay-like. I’m wondering about Mastodon and ActivityPub and if there’s a way to connect all this stuff together (I hear Tumblr and Threads will be integrated soon, for example). This Life
  • Microblogging vs. Normal Blogging
    That’s right, I’m about to do a spiel on microblogging vs. normal blogging. (This article inspired me to write this.) First off, fuck Twitter, it sucks and it probably ruined more lives than any other social media platform in history. (Ruined lives in a metaphorical sense. Facebook ruined in a much more literal sense with actual civil wars.) But the appeal of microblogging is really there, honestly. I like the idea of being able to shoot off some three sentence thing and it not take up a whole post slot on my main site. There were a few months where
  • Succeeding at Dating Apps
    That’s right, I can tell you about succeeding at dating apps. A little, at least. I made multiple posts about this in the past year or so. Dating apps are poorly designed, emotionally manipulative, and exhausting. They made me feel like a shmuck. But this summer, I actually managed it. Going on dates, meeting new people, making out. Succeeding at dating apps is actually possible. It’s just incredibly annoying. For a trans, queer, foreigner in Japan, options are definitely limited. Most of the heavily advertised apps in Japan are hetero-only, while privacy concerns means half of accounts don’t even show
  • Watch Strap Broke
    Well, I never expected it, but my watch strap broke this morning and changed up the rest of my day. I’ve only had my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 for two years. The little plastic bits holding the metal connecty part were wearing out, and I knew it was a matter of time before I needed a new strap. And yet, I never thought to actually buy a replacement ahead of time. So when my watch strap broke this morning, I had to just go to work watchless. It’s not the end of the world. My workout this evening won’t be
  • Search for Progression Fantasy Books with This Cool Website
    I’ve just been made aware of this new site where you can search for progression fantasy books. It’s titled, conveniently, Progression Fantasy & LitRPG. The site is similar to that old Web Fiction Guide, where it’s a big listing of stories all across the internet. This time, though, it focuses purely on letting you search for progression fantasy books. Physical, ebook, and web fiction alike! It’s still new, but it already has hundreds and hundreds of listings. Even if you’re a megafan of the genre, you’re still bound to find a bunch more stories to read. It’s a much more
  • Cybernator Looks So Awesome
    In round 3 of me gushing about media I haven’t experienced, Cybernator seems so friggin’ cool. Recently, the game’s been rereleased on modern hardware, got a full SNES reprint (preorder it before November 5th), and it’s become the talk of the town for retro game enthusiasts. So, suddenly, I’ve encountered it a whole lot on the internet. It really makes me wanna play it. By the way, Cybernator is also called Assault Suits Valken. It got renamed for its first localization in the 90s, but the current IP holders have stuck with the original name. But Cybernator is way too
  • Systemless Series Ebooks Are All Released
    People ask me all the time where the Systemless Series Ebooks are, and I can tell you they’re all on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. That’s where they tend to be most of the time. Of course, I’ve been publishing this series since February 2020. Three and a half years spent with Eryk Solbourne, Francis Bacall, Delta Rafati, and absurd comedy stuff. I love these characters! The book finally finished this summer, and I’m very glad to be done with it just for all the stuff surrounding it. I’m not going to do a full project post-mortem right now, but the
  • Disney+ Compilation Movies: An Idea For Your Consideration
    How come there’s no Disney+ compilation movies yet? Or compilation movies for any of these big streaming series, really? I’m not necessarily arguing anything for artistic integrity. In fact, in some cases this flies in the face of it. But I’m a big proponent of stories expressing themselves in multiple mediums in different ways. And this is one way to present a story in a new way to a new audience. I say this because I’m a major film fan, as you might know from my Letterboxd. TV shows are a great medium, but it’s just not the same to
  • My Media Squares
    A friend shared this media squares template with me, so I made a version of it for myself. I filled in these squares with all the media that impacts me the most. As a human, as a nerd, as a creator… I’m not sure which. But these are all definitely incredibly influential on me and will do so for the rest of my life. The five biggest squares are the most important media to me, while the ones inside are less vital but still really big. I’ll list all my media squares off for your convenience, Clockwise starting from the
  • Fandom CEO Perkins Miller: Delusions of Corporate-Led Fan Passion
    I listened to Decoder’s interview with Fandom CEO Perkins Miller, and it really enlightened things. Really showed me why his company is so awful. It’s a good interview; I recommend listening or reading the transcript. For about ten years, the quality of Wikia, later Fandom, has plummeted gradually until it’s become a site I actively avoid as much as possible. Slow, confusing layout, covered with ads, not well-maintained. When I search online and Fandom shows up as a top link, I scroll as much as I can to find something, anything I can click on that’s not Fandom. There’s tons
  • Writer Beware – Update to Web Fiction Directory
    Here’s a short Writer Beware themed update to my Web Fiction Directory I’ve lightly maintained for a few years now. Anyway, I’ve had trouble keeping up with one important thing–which websites turn out to be scummy? Which ones offer really oppressive terms to their authors, and which ones have deceptive practices towards readers? If I find a website or app that gains a bad reputation, I’ll always remove it from the list. But I’m not super engaged with the web fiction community these days, so I’m worried some will fall through the cracks. Luckily, the Writer Beware website can help
  • SAHCon 2023: Watch the Project Showcase
    It’s short notice, but if you’re free tonight, come attend this SAHcon 2023 event! The description goes: Join us tomorrow at 8 pm EST as we showcase over 30 fan-made projects, including games, MSPFA adventures, zines, and more! Everything is happening on our YouTube channel, and we’ll be opening up the SAHCon 2023 discord to let folks chat at 7 pm EST, one hour before the showcase! I’ll be there, so make sure to join the SAHcon 2023 event too. Even if it’ll be 7AM for me….. Time zones….. I’ll try really hard to actually make it EDIT: It’s here!
  • The Music of Michael Guy Bowman Has Really Impacted My Life
    There’s too much I could write about for Michael Guy Bowman for one article. He’s one of my favorite music artists. A musician whose work been there for me through the past twelve years of my life, whose work has changed and grown alongside pivotal moments in my life. Honestly, I could write a whole book about Bowman’s music and comedy. Maybe I will someday. Probably not, but still. For now, I want to simply paint a picture of each Michael Guy Bowman solo album. Where I was in my life, how the music affected me, how it stuck with
  • Karkalicious Captures the Essence of 2010s Internet Fandom
    Karkalicious is great. You heard it here folks, I’m staking my position right here like the bold op-ed writer I have always been meant to be. Karkalicious definition makes Terezi loco. No, I don’t do Kismesis. It’s simultaneously actually kind of interesting while also being embarrassing to massive cringe-worthy levels. The Homestuck fandom, and by extension all those huge fandoms from the early 2010s, were just so ambitious. Fan art and fan fiction everywhere, of course, as expected. But fan games, fan animations, fan albums… Entire websites essentially conquered by fan content from one or two specific franchises. You see
  • Busy
    I’m really busy. I’ve got book deadlines coming, comics to finish reading, real life social stuff to deal with, and another stockpile of fun blogs to build up. I’m really happy about it all, honestly. Most of 2022 was a gigantic mess for me, and it lasted through early 2023. Almost no creative activity, financial woes, being forced to move twice in a single year, and struggles in finding friends in my new homes. I was busy then, too, but it didn’t always feel great. I’m still posting my Progress Mini-Blogs on Tumblr, but don’t expect regular full-sized stuff like
  • New Book: Madoka Magica Memories!
    My new book of Madoka Magica Memories comes out on 4/27. Please preorder it! It’s a collection of essays about Madoka Magica, an anime greatly influential on my life and on pop culture as a whole. If you’ve enjoyed my 200+ blog posts, you’ll definitely enjoy this book too. Nonfiction is… difficult to get popular on Amazon, but if this book can reach 20 preorders, it will probably become in some Amazon categories, which will show the book to users from around the world. That’s huge! So please support my writing if you have a chance! I can guarantee
  • Progress Mini-Blogs
    I’m gonna start writing up daily (or semi-weekly) progress mini-blogs, just to talk about the stuff I did and totally just keep myself fully transparent. These blogs are going to be a bit too inconsequential for this website, though, so I’m going to put them over on my Tumblr account instead. That’s right. I’m using Tumblr more lately, mostly because it’s not that popular anymore and most of the intense toxicity moved onto Twitter and Reddit. It’s kind of nice and chilled-out these days. Follow the “progress mini-blogs” section of my Tumblr to keep track best. Anyway, I was reminiscing
  • The Sad Secret of Blog Archives
    The sad secret of blog archives is that the archives don’t seem to work like you think. They don’t really increase views over time like you’d sort of expect. And I think that’s more the reality of blogging in the 2020s and the crushing power of SEO, than anything. It’s kind of crazy, because it goes against my own internet viewing habits. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve randomly discovered some website with tons of articles. I came there just to read one, but then I ended up clicking through other links and now oops I’ve already
  • The World Deserves a Fire Emblem Tellius Remake!
    Give us a Tellius remake, Nintendo, and I’ll stop complaining all the time about your stupid business tactics. Yes, I am that easy to please. There’s heavy, heavy rumors of a new Fire Emblem remake. In fact, data mining has exposed apparent proof of one. Everyone thinks it’s a remake of FE4, Genealogy of the Holy War, and… Uh, they’re probably right. But, if it’s not that, it’s abolutely a Tellius remake. Since the next game will release in probably 2024 and it’s probably FE4 remake, then we have a long way off until the Tellius remake. Especially when it
  • Watching Movies With Poor Internet Connections [2010s]
    Watching movies with poor internet connections will eventually be a thing of the past. Now that the age of 4G is nearly past, it might come even faster than we ever realized. The 2020s are going to mark a transition in connectivity for the entire world. Soon, 4G will reach wide swathes of the planet (it’s already doing very well), and 5G is coming just as quickly. With 5G faster than anyone reasonably needs, with satellite internet finally viable and other really cool connectivity methods popping up, the world is going to see a huge boost this decade. In fact,
  • Operation Rainfall [2011-2012]
    When grassroots campaigns succeed, like Operation Rainfall did, it can feel like people have moved mountains. Three great Wii RPGs actually got localized, actually got released thanks to a massive outpouring of fan demand. One of Nintendo’s biggest franchises only exists thanks to these fans, and we should never forget that. Giant soulless corporations actually responding, actually acceding to fervent demands… it’s insane when it actually happens. And Nintendo is the most surprising of them all! Nintendo, the company that STILL hasn’t released Mother 3 in English. Nintendo, the company that DMCAs fan content and shuts down tournaments. If we
  • Waaaah, I’m Jesse Monthly Blogger
    I’m Jesse Monthly Blogger, bringing you blog posts every month, but I’m always too cool and never wanna write really short blogs because I love detailed huge stuff with impressive amounts of research, unlike that B. A. Baker kid who just writes lame rambles with not enough detail. I’ll never write a short blog post because I’m beneath that.
  • Lost Andrew Hussie Comic – TSO Gazette!
    I found a lost Andrew Hussie comic. And I really want to find it. It’s kind of rare, and a byproduct of the early internet age. The MSPA fandom is extraordinarily blessed to have such fervent archivists. That’s the reason we can read ANY old Hussie comics, thanks to online archives like the ones I mentioned in this article. But as powerful as they are, some stuff was already lost before Homestuck became popular. Other stuff was lost because it was just too remote for most fans to discover in the first place. is a godsend in many ways,
  • Bring Back Star Wars Legends With Animated Movies!
    Y’all know how I desperately want Lucasfilm to bring back Star Wars Legends. I love it! I’m not the only one; the Star Wars EU subreddit has posts about it all the time. too. Well, I found a TikTokker guy talking about this very same thing I’ve always ranted about. The best way to bring back Star Wars Legends is through animated movies! Just in case TikTok doesn’t embed correctly, here’s the Youtube version too: . . People already love the cool varied animation styles brought in with the non-canon project Star Wars Visions: And fan films have shown
  • Dark Tower: The Great Big Flop [2017]
    Dark Tower the movie. Geez. Man, can you even really think about how big a flop that film really was? Does anyone whatsoever discuss Dark Tower with their friends or family, even derisively? Just over five years since the movie came out, and it’s a completely lost footnote to the sands of pop culture time. In an era where brand IPs are more vital than ever, the long-gestating, incredibly hyped, star-powered first film to a major Stephen King franchise came and went like a generic studio programmer. It released on August 4th, 2017. The last weekend of July and first
  • 3DS Homebrew Experience
    After watching Modern Vintage Gamer’s video on the 3DS Homebrew experience a while back, I got inspired. I owned a Japanese New 3DS I got from a friend many years ago, but it did absolutely nothing but gather dust. So, one random day in February, I decided to make my move. I decided to set up 3DS Homebrew for the very first time. It was honestly extremely straightforward! I’m shocked. I tried to put homebrew on a Wii U a few months prior, and it was so much harder. I think I succeeded, but it took an entire day and
  • Madoka Magica Lives On
    Madoka Magica came out 12 years ago, but this winter is especially important for me, because it’s my 10th anniversary with the series. Surprisingly, I haven’t posted about Madoka Magica much on this blog. I’ve never written an article about it in these 4 years, only a couple mentions such as here and here. Mostly offhand. But that’s probably because the sheer pressure of it all. Madoka Magica is my favorite TV show. A series that changed my life in extreme and positive ways. A fandom that unlocked so many hidden depths and so much fun stuff. Twelve years after
  • Problem Sleuth 15th Anniversary
    It’s the Problem Sleuth 15th anniversary today! Wow! Yep, the Brawl 15th anniversary just came literally yesterday. Isn’t it crazy that two pieces of media vital to my teenage years released 24 hours apart? Of course, Problem Sleuth was a much less direct piece of vitalness. I read it a little while it was popular and ongoing. But I didn’t read the whole thing until years later, probably June 2011 or so. The real vitalness is that it paved the way for Homestuck, which you may know was a bit of a hobby of mine… (Psssssst! Join the MSPA Reread
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl 15th Anniversary
    I’m about to make you feel ancient by talking about the Super Smash Bros. Brawl 15th anniversary. It doesn’t feel so long ago that I was a middle schooler avidly waking up each morning to check out updates on the Smash Dojo. It also feels like it’s been an absolute eternity. I think that’s what growing up feels like. Smash Bros has fallen way off my radar for absolute favorite gaming experiences, and none of them even made my Best Games of the 2010s list back when I wrote that at the end of 2019. But for a long time
  • Tiktok Ascendant [2010s]
    Tiktok did it. It came in a flash—the realization that I, Beatrice Baker, had become an old person. And that was the moment that my Mom offhandedly mentioned downloading Tiktok. Watching it in her idle time. Being a fan of the app. I hadn’t even CONSIDERED downloading Tiktok in my whole life. I didn’t even get Vine, and that thing was super popular. Tiktok was just the replacement to, famous solely for its horrific cringe compilations on Youtube. Or, at least, that’s what I thought. (trigger warning: this will destroy all but the most hardened cringe watchers) I get
  • The Last Zima
    I drank the last Zima I had. Now it’s all gone, maybe forever. Randomly, in my local supermarket back in May 2022, I found a bunch of Zimas in the discount food section. They were buried under all the chuuhais and highballs nobody wanted, just sitting there for me to enjoy. Zimas, and Zima Limes, too. Dozens of them, all half-off. I didn’t remember ever seeing them before, but I knew I had to seize the opportunity, and bought almost all of them. For less than 100 yen per can, too. All I knew about Zima was that it is
  • MSPA Reread 2023: Starts March 8th
    The MSPA Reread 2023 draws near. Are you ready for it? That’s right. 12 years after my last full reread and 8 years after the last MS Paint Adventure ended, we’re bringing this thing back, baby. Starting March 8th, on the Official Quinlan Circle Discord, we’re going to be reading through the entire MS Paint Adventures saga, to celebrate Problem Sleuth’s 15th anniversary and to catch up on the extremely large behemoth of big size known as Homestuck. You can follow along on the Discord, or you can just lurk and keep pace with the schedule here. Or this handy
  • The Anime Countryside… And My Long Walks Around Japan
    About a month ago, I saw this video, “The Anime Countryside,” for the first time: It’s very good and extremely worth watching. A free-form rambling mood piece that floods you with warm feelings of rural Japan, as seen from the perspective of an American outsider looking through bits of nerd media. This is one of the long Youtube video essays that makes me yearn to make videos of my own. I love it. “The Anime Countryside” is the kind of thing that would have made me yearn greatly to live in Japan. Not to visit, but to nestle up in
  • The Great Desensitization
    Over the past couple years, I’ve been really fixated on the idea of the Great Desensitization. I noticed it one year ago, when the Ukraine invasion first began. I tried not to give in and obsess over it at first, but as I am wont to do, it happened anyway. I kept a tab open on all my devices for the Reddit live updates page, where something like 100,000 people were all watching as the posts came in. The world was watching as the invasion looked to be a horrible conquest… But then the reports came in about the tides
  • Ted Cruz Zodiac Killer: The Truth [2010s]
    There’s one important thing about Ted Cruz Zodiac Killer as a conspiracy theory. One extremely important thing that people often overlook when asking the question of if the Ted Cruz Zodiac Killer theory is true. The thing is: Ted Cruz fucking sucks. He’s a fucking loser and nobody likes him. And the whole deal with his serial killer thing as a joke isn’t funny because in the end, the man himself isn’t actually angered about it. He’s even played along with the damn thing. He’s a complete loser. Ted Cruz Zodiac Killer? More like “Please be a decent human being
  • Vader Puppy, 2008-2023
    My last childhood dog, Vader Puppy, passed away this week. At the ripe old age of 15, which is crazy good for a Labrador. I’m glad for him. I don’t usually talk about stuff like this, but I wanted to briefly commemorate the life of a very good boy. My family somehow got this new dog, a puppy of a few months, but I don’t know how many months, in summer of 2008, when I was starting 8th grade. I was too focused on my teenage histrionics to really remember the story now. But my friend Jesse set us up
  • Xenogears Turns 25: One Day I’ll Play It
    I found out that Xenogears turns 25 this week. The Playstation classic RPG that launched Monolith Soft, the almost-Final-Fantasy-VII about cool mechs, is now old enough to get cheaper insurance in the U.S. I still haven’t played it. Which means that this Xenogears turns 25 article is the second time I’ve waxed poetic about media I’ve never tried out myself. But for some reason, this game sticks with me in a huge way. Back in America, I actually own a copy. I, in fact, own a copy of every single Xeno Series game, all 13 physical releases so far. Even
  • I Still Failed At Dating Apps
    A small and inevitable update to my last post, is that I’ve failed at dating apps, yet still. This is a Valentine’s Day post because I’m a cruel mood-killer. I did my best for a few months after that post. I genuinely really tried to meet people and go on a few dates. And it actually worked briefly! I went on a few dates with a very nice woman who I was very fond of. It’s the first dates I’ve been on since I came to Japan, and that itself is a pretty big achievement. But it didn’t work out.
  • 5 Hidden Takeaways from the February 2023 Nintendo Direct
    I bet you’re looking for some takeaways from the February 2023 Nintendo Direct, and I have sure got some takeaways for you. Other websites may have some obvious analysis and some might even give you their “hot takes” or whatever word journalists use as shorthand now, but not here. Here on B. A. Baker’s website, you’re getting the esoteric takeaways from the February 2023 Nintendo Direct. You’re getting the ones that nobody else is gonna talk about. Get ready. If you’re a longtime blog reader, you may know that I’m a Nintendo shill and it makes up too big a
  • I Wish I Could Make Long Youtube Video Essays
    Sometime pretty early in 2022, I got hooked on long Youtube video essays. Especially video game ones. I always bemoaned the fact that Youtube videos were getting longer and longer, were getting less focused and bigger scoped. I was already not quite into the 20+ minute video game overviews of people like Nitro Rad and Scott the Woz, although I sure did watch a lot of them. But I was CERTAINLY not into the multi-hour ones. And then… Something happened. I dove one time too many into the abyss of long Youtube video essays. And suddenly I found myself watching
  • The Goddamn Dirt Road and Political Anguish
    The goddamn dirt road’s still there, I bet. Back in the 2020 election, I found a really good, really striking quote from an article about Jaime Harrison. He ran for U.S. Senate in South Carolina against Lindsey Graham, and came tantalizingly close to actually winning. But he didn’t. Here’s the quote: While canvassing for Vincent Sheheen, a Democratic candidate for governor, a few years earlier, Harrison had spotted a shotgun house down an unpaved road. He pulled up to the property and knocked on the door. An elderly black man answered. “Who are you?” “I’m Jaime Harrison, the chair of
  • Dr. Strange 2: My Teenage Dreams Fulfilled
    Dr. Strange 2: In the Multiverse of Madness is kinda controversial. Shocking, I know. A movie that basically requires an encyclopedic knowledge to follow. And, of course, a movie that’s more a sequel to a TV miniseries than the actual first Dr. Strange. A lot of people hated this thing, which naturally means I enjoyed it way more than everyone else. I gave it 3.5 stars! On my first watch, at least. Marvel Cinematic Universe movies tend to drop for me on rewatches, so we’ll see. The main thing that makes me really enjoy this movie? The gleeful, inaccessible goofiness
  • 8 New Oscar Categories We Deserve
    New Oscar categories are sorely needed. Even the Academy admits radical change is needed. And new awards are an obvious huge solution. Every year, the Oscars have worse and worse ratings on TV and streaming, and even big scandals like in 2017 or 2022 don’t seem to have an impact. Awards shows in general have felt this burn for a while, but the Oscars have it real bad, seeming out of touch with popular audiences more and more with each year. I could argue the Oscars have always been pretty far from the popular wavelength for movies—after all, E.T. and
  • I Got the New Fire Emblem!
    Look what I got in the mail today; the new Fire Emblem game! I wasn’t a mega-fan of Three Houses back in 2019, although I sure did enjoy it for what it was and fell in love with plenty of the characters. (Tragically, in one case.) But I’m a Fire Emblem die-hard through and through, and I’m ready to play the heck out of the new Fire Emblem as soon as I can. Honestly, I haven’t played through a full beefy video game in a really long time. According to the spreadsheet where I log all the long-form media I
  • New Year, New Thedude
    Welcome to 2023, the year of rabbits and also of B. A. Bakers. I went another month without a new blog post, finally ending my hot streak of twice-weekly blogs. Sad, because I think some of my best stuff yet was posted this year, but it’s more like I’m saving my chakras up to unleash a big genki-dama blast of good writing this year. My professional career is currently in a bit of a flux and I’m not sure how it’s going to develop the next several months. So I can’t give accurate predictions for the rest of the year.
  • TERFs in Japan: A Crappy Dating App Story
    I’m increasingly angry about TERFs in Japan. Obviously, TERFs are the worst thing ever in general. Ultra-conservative queer maniacs who are basically the gay equivalent of QAnon cultists. But in Japan, this isn’t some bizarre minority of crazy or deluded women. It’s al all-pervasive toxin on LGBTQ+ culture that somehow refuses to die. Japan is the only remaining country in the G7 without same-sex marriage and with some positively barbaric laws regarding transgender people. It sucks. But, it’s improving rapidly, even just in the years I’ve lived here. I’m hopeful these things will change. Especially the TERFs in Japan part.
  • Strange World is Going to Bomb. Disney Will Let It.
    The movie Strange World has just come out and I only knew it because I write a lot of movie release dates in my planner. There’s been practically no marketing I’ve seen here in Japan, just an unceremonious release. And as far as I’ve seen of North American marketing, it’s just as bad over there. Is this some sort of Good Dinosaur level audience-unappealing stinker? I don’t know. Well, it has a 66 on Metacritic as of this writing. That’s exactly the same score Good Dinosaur got, so make of that what you will. But even if it’s bad, even
  • Arita Mitsuhiro – Pokemon Card Art Spotlight
    Today, I’ll be spotlighting another Pokemon card artist, Artia Mitsuhiro (view his work here). After my last spotlight on Morii Yuka, I got lots of appeals for more Pokemon artists to cover, and I had to go with another total classic. Arita Mitsuhiro is one of the main Pokemon card artists who’s been in the game since the beginning. Since Base Set. After Sugimori, he’s probably the most iconic creator to visually depict the franchise. So let’s look at his 25+ years of wonderful art and see how his style has evolved. First off, this was my very first Pokemon
  • Mourning the Spider in My Bathroom
    There was a spider in my bathroom. Not anymore. Now I’m weirdly sad about it. When I first moved into my house in Shizuoka, giant huntsman spiders infested my house. By that I mean there were 3 or 4 of them. But I couldn’t get them to leave! They kept hiding in or around all the junk I brought but hadn’t unpacked yet, and it made unpacking 1000% more scary. I know huntsman spiders can’t hurt me, and they’re much more scared of me… But I can’t help it! They’re huge and way too fast! Eventually, I chased each and
  • More Striking Romance Comic Covers!
    Y’all liked the original post so much that I’m making a follow-up to feature more striking romance comic covers. Plus, it seems like my posts about cool artists and promo art are really popular in general. This one will definitely get much worse SEO because I’m not sure how I can stretch this article all the way out to 300 words and also feature the keyword “more striking romance comic covers” enough times, but just bear with me and enjoy these covers. Some of them are actually way cooler to me than the original post, actually. You can find a
  • 200 Blog Posts! Feel Free to Binge ’em.
    Gosh, I have 200 blog posts now! When I started this blog in 2018, it was mostly just to have a place to make story announcements and to host my bibliography page. In fact, I didn’t even make my first real post until January 2019! Since then, the blog’s always just been for rambles. Not enough people subscribe to it for it to be that useful for story updates, although I do still post them, of course. I think Twitter and other social networks are where most people follow me for the actual news stuff. Instead, this place is just
  • Why, Exactly, Have I Never Read Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.?
    Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D is almost certainly an amazing series. I wouldn’t know, though, because I’ve never read it. I probably should! It’s classic late 60s/early 70s comic book goodness. Kirby, Lee, Dikto, Buscema, Romita, and all them were at the height of their powers, and other comic people were bursting onto the scene too. And then with Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., you got Jim Steranko, one of the best of the best, doing art for the first several issues. Even after he left, the covers are still extremely enticing… Makes me wonder why I still haven’t dove
  • 5 Great Posts on Joi Massat’s Blog You Should Read Right This Instant
    Joi Massat’s blog is way worth your time! The reflections are always insightful, the content’s way up my alley almost every post, and it’s definitely very well-written. Each of Joi Massat’s blog posts tend to be much more carefully created and researched than stuff on here. Not to bash my own work, of course, but my ramblings tend to be freeform quick cuts. If you enjoy my longer work, but you’re looking for posts with more meat on your bones, then you know exactly where you gotta go. In celebration of Joi Massat’s blog being awesome, I’m going to list
  • 70s Men’s Fashion is Now 20s Butch Girl Fashion
    Everyone hates 70s men’s fashion, and I used to. Until I realized the terrifying truth. A truth that changed my life forever. If you put 70s men’s fashion on a butch woman… It goes from goofy, outdated excessiveness, to suddenly being extremely cool. Extremely fashionable. (Tangentially related: Here’s a cool photo gallery of lesbian life in the 70s. Some fashion lies within) From the plaid to the vests to the tight jeans to the hair, 70s men’s fashion becomes shockingly cool once applied to butch women. But also, maybe 70s men’s fashion is kinda cool on men, too? It’s certainly
  • Time Loops: Do We Need To Show The First Loop?
    I love, love, love time loops in fiction. They’re formulaic, they’re often super hokey, and I don’t care. Whether it’s Groundhog Day or Blessed Time, I’m a huge fan. Cool web novels like Reroll, Argatha Loop, and Mark of Time make great use of time loops, and movies like Edge of Tomorrow, Boss Level, and Source Code are just wonderful. Not all time loops are the same. In fact, the changes excite me a ton! I’m super impressed by RE: Monarch’s combination of video-game-y “progressive” looping, and the movie Palm Springs does wonders simply by having multiple loopers meet and
  • Bonnie Taylor: Unluckiest Woman in Romance Comics
    Poor Bonnie Taylor! When I was searching out romance comic covers for my previous post, I stumbled on a little meta-series. I didn’t see this in any other covers I found, but it appears that DC’s Young Romance series had an ongoing feature for this character. Bonnie Taylor, airline stewardess, very unlucky in love and always zipping around the world. It’s a good setup for an ongoing series! I guess she wasn’t popular enough to get one, but she did get featured on the cover of several issues. I’m sure the stories are mostly just schlocky 60s comic stuff. Without
  • Really Striking Romance Comic Covers
    Warning, incoming, romance comic covers are here. A deluge is coming onto your screen. Romance comics are a long-dead genre from 50+ years ago. But for some reason, on a random Saturday morning tangent recently, I got completely wrapped up in them. I had been looking for lesbian comics online, but accidentally stumbled on some awesome-ass old comics. Heterosexual, sadly, but still awesome stuff. Less the comics themselves, I guess, than the covers. Romance comic covers are COOL. This romance comic cover here gets hailed in the hallmarks of pop art, but so, so many others are deserving as well.
  • The New Gundam Series Is Friggin’ Great!
    It’s not often that I serially watch TV shows, but the new Gundam Series has blown me away. I’m definitely going to be following this one! Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury is the newest installment in everyone’s favorite realistic mecha war franchise. And it forges a new path in a whole bunch of ways. I love me some Universal Century, the main shared universe Gundam timeline. It’s been running for almost 45 years and 15+ TV series, movies, and OVAs, so it’s almost as fleshed-out as friggin’ Star Trek. However, it’s so dense that only the initiated are
  • Central Park Chattanooga, and My Strange Nostalgia
    Yo, you ever been to Central Park Chattanooga? The actual name of the restaurant is just Central Park, but I’m calling it Central Park Chattanooga in order to gain extra internet search points. Forgive me for that. This is indeed not the park in New York City, thank you very much. No, it’s one of those restaurants that’s in a super tiny building and serves exclusively drive-thru or walk-up service. No indoor seating at all! It’s either drive-thru, or drive-in. You get some real big, real cheap, real decent burgers and fries, and it delivers exactly what you want without
  • The Song “Ariel” Friggin’ Rocks
    Here’s a short blog about my newest favorite song, “Ariel” by Dean Friedman. Spotify definitely isn’t the best at recommending me music I want to hear. Part of that’s because my taste was forged in the fires of OCRemix tunes on my Samsung Juke and anime character songs ripped off Galbadia Hotel. Even today, I’m always willing to kick it to Battle of the Bits or Yamashita Tatsuro. This is, to say, I sadly listen to a lot of stuff that’s just way too obscure to actually be on music streaming services. But I’m trying to get better! Especially with
  • Maybe a Stupid Idea
    I don’t know, tell me if this is a stupid idea. I just had the random thought and I can’t let it go without at least musing about it publicly. So I was just cleaning up my blog’s front page a little when I went and looked over at my boy Joi’s for comparison. For some reason, the little icons in the sidebar area intrigued me… It’s a stupid idea, I’m telling you. But I’m nostalgic for that Project Wonderful era, where indie dudes would bid with other indie dudes. Where the web comic and web fiction communities could create
  • Star Wars Clone Wars Conquest Mode… The Proto-MOBA?
    Star Wars: The Clone Wars on the Gamecube was one of my all-time favorite games as a kid. Probably a weird one, but I gotta say it. And Clone Wars Conquest Mode was the crowning jewel. I’m gonna tell you all about it. Obviously, being the very first big continuation of Attack of the Clones made it feel Important and Grand (even if its story was mostly ignored), so playing it felt like it satiated my great eight-year-old hunger for the next movie, still years away. Even if the game was kind of crap, I’d have still loved it. But
  • Progression Monk [Fantasy Scraps #1]
    Progression Monk… A fantasy scrap worth visiting… I have a lot of story ideas. A lot, a lot. I won’t ever write most of them, so I might as well tell you about the small sparks of imagination I had with these strange fantasy ideas that will probably never come to be. This is the “Fantasy Scraps” blog series. In July 2021, I visited the magical alien landscape of Hotokegaura. A fantastic little spot anyone should visit if they come to Japan, especially if you can go by ferry like I did! But, along the way back from Hotokegaura, I