Link Scoop 006: New Year, Oops It’s February

Oops it’s February and I’m wishing a new year to all the lovely Link Scoop followers out there. I’ve found a lot of weird or cool stuff on the internet for you, though, so you’re gonna be very excited for these next few scoops.

Well, here we go with the Oops, It’s February edition of Link Scoop.

Forget Palworld, Yakuza Is the New Pokemon

I’ve always wanted to play the Yakuza (Like A Dragon) games, but I never had a Playstation in my youth and now I never have the time for these 50 hour stories.

But the more I hear about them, the more interested I get. The new one has a full-fledged Pokemon parody minigame that’s surprisingly fleshed out??

Taiwan Invasion and the Malacca Strait

I’m reading a lot about this lately, to help me better read the signs if or if not China will invade Taiwan in the next few years. Signs are pointing to no right now, but there’s a lot of factors at stake. The Malacca Strait near Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia is one of the most critical chokeholds to help prevent the war from ever happening.

Comic Previews Are Confusing

I just clicked a random comic preview from Bleeding Cool and there’s this weird back-plot thing going on that has nothing to do with the mediocre tie-in comic it’s previewing?? Is there lore now??

All Game & Watch Games… RANKED

A truly tremendous undertaking by one of the best indie game writers. The Indie Gamer Chick is a valuable resource to learn about so many types of games that other outlets rarely cover–LCD games, pinball, retro arcade stuff–and this ranking here is a wonderful trip through memory lane when I was super into the Game & Watch Gallery games on Game Boy.

Hyperloop is Dead, Long Live High Speed Rail


Oops, It’s February and This is My Second Blog Post

Well, blame it on the site migration stuff. There’ll be plenty of blog posts this year, so don’t forget to subscribe!

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  1. Every time I learn about Yakuza, I am pleased and delighted with what I learn. Hold on, I’ve gotta go jitter

    Somehow I have a feeling that the LOLtron Lore will either never be picked up again, be sporadically referenced across like three more articles throughout 2024, or suddenly receive fifty thousand related storyline articles in the same day like the Clickhole Cap’n Crunch saga.

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