Link Scoop 011: Epic Proportions

I will give you a blog post of epic proportions this week. The amount of epic proportions here are, frankly, sublime and gargantuan. But enough with the pointless filler. Time to get into the meat. You’re here for links, and so am I. Only I’m dishing the links and you’re eating. Put down that spoon and get out a shovel. You’re gonna need a bigger utensil to hold all this.

Gilgamesh is Based?

The first link of the week is just Gilgamesh. Like, the poem.

Have you read it? One of the oldest works of fiction on the planet, and you haven’t even read it yet? Dude, you should. It’s awesome and also pretty short (it’s a poem after all).

There’s an updated version from 2021 that includes most or all of the newly-discovered tablets that fill in some of the missing fragments. It ain’t public domain though.

Girugamesh is Based???

No, no it’s not based. Sorry. But I do like that someone made a commercial so bad it basically ruined a convention’s reputation for years to come.

Pop Team Epic causes an epic fire, whoops

The most expensive receipt in history, perhaps? It’s for… Clayfighter…

Not the game, not the manual, just the receipt. Someone paid $700 for this. Just… I just… As tumblr people used to say, I just can’t even…

(To be fair, it’s $700 CANADIAN dollars which is, what, $45 USD? Yeah that seems right.)

Balatro is coming to Android soon. Start the countdown on my life.

Back in March, when my life was in massive turmoil, I drowned out the stress by playing Balatro… About 60 hours in a month. For me, that’s near non-stop Balatro. Almost every single day that month.

I absolutely adore the game, everything about it from the aesthetics to the gameplay loop to the sheer speed of a single run. But I can’t allow myself to get my hands on an Android version. It’ll be the end of my life if I do. All my commutes will be turned into Balatro training sessions.

Please, LocalThunk, delay this game until I finish reading the Cradle series…

Mickey Mouse’s 1994 rap album is garbage of epic proportions

Eisner-era Disney really was something else.

Pranking a tech website with a silly IT violation

How did a tech journalism website fail to detect this for literal months…

I truly think this is a Link Scoop of epic proportions. We found outrageous events, ancient stories, and horrible, awful rap music.

This week, please share the most epic things you can find.

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