Welcome to another entry in the world-famous Link Scoop series, the ninth one of those in fact.

I’ve published quite a few blog posts in the last week or so. One of them got super popular out of nowhere. These other two are better, though:

Anyway, here’s some links I scooped up for you.

Remember When They Made that Movie 9 in 2009?

The ninth movie to come out on 9/9/9 was a movie called 9. I saw it with my whole family, and honestly it may have been the final movie I ever did that with. Oops.

Remember When They Made That Movie Nine in 2009?

Daniel Day-Lewis in a failed Oscar bait musical that nobody on the planet remembers… What in the world happened to get this made?

The creator of Orphan Fansubs reminisces about the anime restoration community.

I had no idea the Collectr was already 77. Kind of shocking how the first generation of nerds to bring anime to the West is starting to really get up there in age.

Orphan is one of the most important groups for preservation and restoration of Japanese animation, so these are some really valuable words he has for us.

A great GIF of Sledge

A great GIF of Sledge.

Jesse Pirnat muses about time machines, loneliness, and really good books.

A great essay, probably the best I’ve ever read from him.

Wherein tech accessory marketers go a little overboard with the Photoshopping.

I’d say I’m pretty cold towards this type of marketing. It definitely doesn’t heat up my interest in buying the products.

North Korean animators workin’ on American cartoons

As the world of international productions and outsourced sub-sub-contracting grows, so does bizarre stuff like this.

Foreign Scalpers Pillage and Pilfer All of Japan’s Retro Goods

The Truth About Retro Game Hunting in Japan

A two-part link. It’s really gotten bad lately. Decades of reasonable prices and great selection are coming to an end. The Yen is weak and the US Dollar is way too strong, so it’s not going to stop.

I bought a boxed N64 copy of Ocarina of Time for 980 yen in 2016. That ain’t ever happening again.

Gideon the Ninth Wishes She Got a Link Scoop

But instead, I am the only one who will ever have a Link Scoop. It’s mine.

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