– URL Changing! (And Life Rambles)

Change your bookmarks for this site to please!

Sometime in the next month, the current Quinlan Circle sites will all go down. They’re not disappearing, necessarily; all sites are backed up and on a new server. But, there is a high likelihood that many of them will disappear.

I’ve been prepping a lot of new blog posts recently, but I haven’t posted any of them because of this server change thing.

So, just in case, the new URL for this site will be from now on. Just replace the part on any page URL and you’ll get an exact copy of the page, on a shiny new server.

Unfortunately, the same might not be the same for the ATL and Hands Held in the Snow sites; I’m not sure it’s worth the financial effort to give them their own sites going forward, not when they’re readable on any other site already. Maybe I can just merge them into somehow? Well, it’s all backed up, so that’s all that matters for the moment.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to set up sitewide redirects, so that it just transfers it all automatically. There’s a few pages on this site, especially the Web Fiction and Curtains ones, get views consistently every day, and all that SEO magic disappearing would break my heart. I’m at peace with it at this point, but I’d rather not let that happen.

I’ve read countless clickbait thinly disguised website ads about this in the last few months, but my extremely tiny brain doesn’t comprehend most of this–probably a good reason why I shouldn’t be running a web server lol. What’s a 301 redirect? How do I do it? No idea, but hopefully I figure out in time for the original server to go down!

I don’t have access to that original server, but I do have access to the domain name–I haven’t pointed that at the new server yet but that might be part of the solution. Maybe.

Well, you’ll know if it worked or not if you can click on in a month and still navigate to the correct page. :’)

Also, I’m not ready to write about New Year’s Resolutions or reflect on last year yet; my life is basically oriented around April as the year start, thanks to the Japanese school calendar, so I’ll delay all that rambling until then.

I had an extremely crazy 2023, though, and probably the most hectic year of my adult life. In a good way AND a bad way.

Again, I’m not going to be really thinking through any plans for the next year until the end of March; my job is not stable and it’ll be a couple weeks before I know what path my life is going to take. If you know me, you may be aware that uncertainty is one of my weakest emotions, to make a large understatement. So, just to keep my stress down, I’m not thinking about all that stuff right now and just hang out with friends, go to the gym, study, take it easy. And fix the web server stuff, of course.

I haven’t written much lately. I’ve done plenty of story planning, plenty of research for blog and nonfiction work, but not much writing. I don’t plan to publish any web story or ebook at all in 2024, so that’s not a big deal.

Basically, I’ve totally completely fallen off the idea of trying to gain an audience right now. I’m much less active on Discord communities, much more active with real-life friends. As much as is possible for a weirdo raised on internet forums like me, I’m in Grass Toucher mode right now.

Will you see me unleash some huge project in 2025 I’ve been working on for ages? Could happen. But it depends almost entirely on what my job and life situation becomes, come April.

So let’s wait until then to really talk about it.

And don’t forget to change the URL to .

See you in February-ish when I start posting more blogs!!

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