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Jet Force Gemini’s coming to Switch Online!

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In my massive Rareware Alternate History storyline, Jet Force Gemini played a pivotal bit part in keeping Rare and Nintendo together. I never actually played it that much! My family didn’t get a copy until I was in high school, and as a space shooter it was a lot less interesting than Halo: Reach or whatever I was into at the time. I ought to try it out next week when it comes to Switch Online. Only the Japanese version, for now, but I assume the English version will come soon too.

The aesthetics are bizarre and totally unique in the Nintendo library. The Microsoft library too. What the heck is up with it? So I’m very glad they’re giving it another chance to hopefully find a new fandom. Nintendo and Microsoft’s growing partnership is very enticing and I hope this eventually leads to old Rare franchises getting brand-new spins on Nintendo hardware!

Rare the studio’s almost entirely a different team from the 90s, so it’s pointless to wish for new Banjo-Kazooie from them like it’ll “bring back the magic” or whatever. Instead, I want to imagine a totally new spin on the bear and bird from Next Level Games, published on Switch 2 and Xbox Series X same-day. Or a brand-new Sabre Wulf game done by Double Fine. Is that kind of thing likely? 5 years ago, I’d have laughed. Today? Honestly, maybe.

Scoop harder right into this great short webcomic.

My homie Fruzmig made a great Pop Team Epic-style Lovecraftian horror comic called Nyarlathotep’s Crawling Chaos. It’s a 20-30 minute read and well worth your time. The MS Paint Adventures one-panel comic format (let’s call it Threadventure Comics) is ripe for some fantastic stories, as soon as it can break past the fancomic shell. Comics like this make me very optimistic about it.

“Obsidian Sync: new features, new pricing, and 5x storage if you sign up before January 2024.”

50 GB sync for $96 a year and up to 10 vaults. You can keep this promotional price as long as you stay subscribed. I’m not sure I personally need this, but I’m growing increasingly excited about Obsidian as I consolidate all my billion notes apps.

AICP Exam: There’s a certification for city planning??

Oh wait, you apparently need to have job experience to even take the test. A minimum of 2 years experience even if you have a master’s degree in planning, or EIGHT years if you don’t have any related degree. These cretins are gatekeeping my desire to get certified in one of my recent obsessive hobbies!

The Abyss returns to theaters in 4K on December 6th…

Nearly 35 years since The Abyss came to theaters, it’s FINALLY, FINALLY been remastered in 4K. Until now, the only way to watch it in the U.S. has been a horrible letterboxed DVD copy from the 90s. All because James Cameron wanted to do the remaster himself and was too busy on Avatar.

Catch this if you can. The Abyss is one of the prettiest movies ever made and I wish I was in the U.S. to see it.

What’s the Point of Pretendian Investigations?

I have no skin in this game, as definitely-not-a-member-of-any-Native-tribe-ever. But it’s a fascinating part of North American culture that so many people fake their way into cultural relevance by claiming connection to a tribe. What’s the deal?

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