That’s right, I’m about to do a spiel on microblogging vs. normal blogging.

(This article inspired me to write this.)

First off, fuck Twitter, it sucks and it probably ruined more lives than any other social media platform in history. (Ruined lives in a metaphorical sense. Facebook ruined in a much more literal sense with actual civil wars.)

But the appeal of microblogging is really there, honestly. I like the idea of being able to shoot off some three sentence thing and it not take up a whole post slot on my main site. There were a few months where I was keeping up with the Progress Mini-Blogs from the spring, partly to keep up that spirit. I kind of lost interest in that though because I felt like it didn’t keep me accountable enough to matter like I had hoped.

Tumblr itself I fell off of in the summer after using it for a few months. I think it’s part of my post-Homestuck hangover purge; I got sucked hard into the MS Paint Adventures realm from about March 15th to July 15th; that’s four months of sustained, unstoppable obsession, and I’m still feeling mild repulsion from it (RIP to the Casey Adventure which never took off, I had such a fun outline for it).

When it comes to microblogging vs. normal blogging, I wanna write short stuff sometimes that followers see. But I DON’T want to be caught in any toxic feedback loops or algorithmic prisons. And I have yet to locate any platform that can hold my interest AND have actual users who will interact with me AND not be a hellscape. Microblogging might not be the right avenue for all three of these things.

But normal blogs have so little interaction these days. And with SEO tactics, they heavily encourage writing longer and longer posts in order to correctly optimize. Even this post here, I meant to only be 50 or so words long. Whoops.

In the end, though, I always come back to sites like this. Microblogging vs. normal blogging isn’t a quandary to me. Microblogging is fun in theory but never has been in practice. I’d rather keep rambling on my personal site forever, because that’s fun as hell.

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