Casey and the Grimdark Arts

Casey and the Grimdark Arts is an upcoming MS Paint Fan Adventure about everyone’s favorite consort wizard necromancer kid. The most important character in Homestuck will finally get their very own story!

After winning the MSPA Madness 2023 Tournament, our dear Casey the Salamander (also known as Viceroy Bubbles von Salamancer) has one thing in mind, and that’s to reunite with their mom and dad… Rose and John, of course. While they’re busy with unimportant things like “[S] GAME OVER” and “getting trapped in Caliborn’s claymation fight scene,” Casey begins a journey that will shape the fabric of Homestuck canon forever.

Along the way, they’ll meet characters big and small, important and irrelevant, and assemble an eclectic team of allies–plus face off against some unexpected villains.

Get ready for Casey and the Grimdark Arts. Follow MSPA Prophet on Tumblr to stay informed on when it’s ready, or I guess just keep refreshing this page a lot.

And if you want to join this project….!!! Please do!!!! We need more people!!! Especially artists of all styles, and anyone with experience in Adobe Animate or other HTML5 animation software. If you’re interested in doing any writing, art, or music, though, you’re still welcome.

Contact me on my own Tumblr, or via email at, to send samples. Even if you can only contribute a little, you can still join in on the fun.

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