I’m gonna start writing up daily (or semi-weekly) progress mini-blogs, just to talk about the stuff I did and totally just keep myself fully transparent. These blogs are going to be a bit too inconsequential for this website, though, so I’m going to put them over on my Tumblr account instead. That’s right. I’m using Tumblr more lately, mostly because it’s not that popular anymore and most of the intense toxicity moved onto Twitter and Reddit. It’s kind of nice and chilled-out these days.

Follow the “progress mini-blogs” section of my Tumblr to keep track best.

Anyway, I was reminiscing about Kickstarters that went wrong, and I remembered about all those times where I just wanted the creators to come out and say they were having troubles, but instead they posted updates once a year with vague nothingness. Basically I have What Pumpkin-induced PTSD about projects now.

I really appreciate transparency. And it’s a good way to hold yourself accountable as well. I’ve been writing this sort of stuff in my personal Hobonichi Techo planners/journals for 4 years now, but I think that giving more public looks at stuff, in a very minimal way, is also something I want to do for a while. I don’t know. I’m just gonna wing it.

So, follow my Tumblr and the “progress mini-blog” tag so you can learn all the latest small updates on what I’m doing creatively. Anything super big will obviously be posted on the Important Official Blog AKA this website, though, so don’t worry if you’re only here for the big book announcements. Tumblr is for the progress mini-blogs instead. And the reblogs of other dumb stuff naturally.

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