I’m going to be introducing Word Essays, a new type of blog on this site. Sporadically with no schedule, I’m going to post short essays based on a random single word. I’ll use this random word generator and pick a word that comes up to ponder on.

I’m introducing Word Essays partly because my friend wants me to write more generic blog topics to use as filler text for her RPG. But also partly because I want to flex my ability to write good stuff in a short space.

My blogs often turn into extended rambles, and no I rarely do any serious editing for them so you know it’s my raw, unfiltered thoughts spewing out. This is both because SEO prefers articles above 300 words, and because once I get going I rarely stop. For Word Essays, I’d like to intentionally limit the scope, to laser focus and get bite-sized writing. Writing on a topic as vague as a single word will hopefully push that creativity.

It’s been a long time since I did it, but I used to write tons and tons of short stories. Based off prompts, or stream-of-consciousness, or just focused around a single piece of clipart. I’ve never done that with nonfiction writing, though. So I’m excited to try.

Anyway, here’s the end of my post introducing Word Essays. Hopefully this becomes as promising and lucrative as my extremely popular Link Scoop series.

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