Link Scoop 008: Long Time Coming

It’s been a long time coming since the last Link Scoop. I know you’re there with your shovels ready, staring at the dirst with uncomfortably eager eyes. I can tell you now… Your patience has paid off.

Along with this long time coming event, here’s some complementary links!

The Twisted Tale of the Real Mickey Mouse

A tale of truth and theft.

Spotty Bulbear Minecraft Skin

The only Minecraft mod made just for me.

What if we got married in Animal Crossing… And on the island of Lesbos

These two are living the dream…

The world of themed novelty popcorn buckets at the movies is more interesting than you think

Surprisingly, I’ve never bought one of these special popcorn buckets before. My old theater chain Carmike always did a yearly bucket, but they usually weren’t themed after anything, and definitely no Dune 2 butthole buckets.

An old article about Jimmy Carter possibly running in 1984

It’s been so long since we’ve ever had even a glimmer of a thought about a Presidential election rematch–and unfortunately it looks like we’ll be getting that in the worst way possible in 2024. But it’s still interesting to go back through the rumor mill and find out that even Jimmy Carter of all people, who lost in a landslide, was considering challenging it again.

Rematch attempts have really waned in popularity over the years, but I wonder if they’ll get more common in the future…

Beatles Cinematic Universe – Coming Soon

Please actually happen, please actually happen… It’s been a long time coming to get the “canonical” Beatles biopic, so I’m ready for something experimental and dumb.

An article about the climate of electric vehicles

It’s nice to see people taking reasonable moderate action in order to promote more comprehensive transportation policies.

… :’)

Catgirl System

Joi Massat’s newest web serial is here!!!! Monster evolution litrpg with a cute cat!!!!!!

A Long Time Coming – The End of this Link Scoop

Please read all of my Link Scoops and shovel their contents into your brain.

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