Link Scoop 007: Hobonichi Techo Edition

Hey y’all, it’s time for the Hobonichi Techo Edition of Link Scoop, and the first one since the servers got all changed over.

Why Hobonichi Techo, the famous planner/diary book created by Shigesato Itoi? Because I got my new one this week!

My New Hobonichi Techo for 2024

hobonichi techo

I’d been using the A5-size Cousin book since 2020 (for Americans, A5 size is like 2/3rds a letter size paper). But I wasn’t using the extra space as much this year, and I decided to increase portability and return to the A6 original size (A6 is half of A5). My favorite, money-wasting part of getting a new Hobonichi Techo each year is choosing the cover. I SHOULD be reusing the same cover every year until it gets worn out, but in my six books, I’ve only done that once so far. I’ll probably start cycling through them though; I’ve got a lot of great covers now. As you can see from my link, my Hobonichi Techo for this year is Earthbound themed and super visually cluttered. It’s cool. And you know I love me some Earthbound.

As I said last month, the real new year for me starts in April. That’s when the school year changes, when my job often changes, when the winter ends and the cherry blossoms bloom. New Year’s Resolutions suck in January because it’s really hard to keep that stuff. I feel like I have seasonal affective disorder and I just get deep in the doldrums from early January to mid-March. I’m not in a good mental space to think about this year yet, because I’m still closing the last chapter of the previous one. So, getting a new Hobonichi Techo that’s April-Start really works well for me. They also have January-Start, and Day-Free books, so I like the flexibility.

Anyway, even if I haven’t used my book lately enough to justify the A5-size (which I detailed in the comments section here), it’s also really important to my life in general. I need to write down stuff for scheduling, and I need an extremely quick way to refer back to it. Last month, I went to a work party, and I forgot the name of the venue. I had it written down in the Hobonichi Techo plain as day…. but I forgot to bring it with me so I had to just wander around Kyoto until I finally got a coworker on the phone. :’)

It’s important to my daily life, and important to my note-taking workflow. I really recommend Hobonichi Techo for anyone looking for a new habit of journaling, or a small book to carry around all their calendar dates and scheduling, or even as a sketchpad or scrapbook. It’s endlessly versatile, which is why I centered this whole Link Scoop around it, including the next couple links…

Mother 3 Ascendant!

Mother 3 is now available to Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack subscribers. An American can officially play Mother 3 on their Switch, no imports necessary. But… it’s in Japanese so lol. Mother 3 still hasn’t come out in English, even after nearly twenty years, and I’m not sure it ever will at this rate.

Mother 3 Plushies?!

It took every fiber of my being not to frivolously waste money on a bunch of Earthbound plushies this year along with my Hobonichi Techo. I settled to waste money on a T-shirt instead. These Mother 3 ones are looking real nice…

hobonichi techo

Not Hobonichi Techo related at all, but: A new Harry Potter TV show is coming, and it may not work

I’ve been reading Scott Mendelson’s movie blogs for over ten years and he often has some very good insights into the future of Hollywood. His very wary analysis of the upcoming Harry Potter TV series should be a warning sign to producers…. It’s an amazing idea on paper, but are they really ready for 7+ seasons of high-budget high stakes content? Because if they fail, that could kill the franchise for good.

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Link Scoop Over

This Hobonichi Techo Edition of Link Scoop was a bit strange but I’m glad you stuck with it. Good job. I should start following an actual template for these like newsletter people do.

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