Earthbound Goods: A Collector’s Dilemma

These Earthbound goods are torturing me…

earthbound goods anniversary

For the 30th anniversary of the Mother series, Itoi Shigesato and his notebook company Hobonichi have been releasing tons and tons of merchandise! I use Hobonichi Planners every year already, so when it was time to order a new one for the new (Japanese) year on April 1st, I couldn’t help myself… I bought a bunch of merchandise!

There’s just so much of it. Some of it’s stationery-related, like calendars and paper presses and stuff:

But the rest of the Earthbound goods go way beyond stationery!

Like these posters:

Or a sticker pack:

Or a buncha keychains:

Or, this comic collection Pollyanna that has tons of short comics. (I actually bought this last year, but it’s too cool not to show off):

There’s even a full script book for all three Mother games, complete with a fake USPS box to hold it:

All of these Earthbound goods are amazing, but these are also valuable collector’s items. So my dilemma becomes: Should I just store these away and keep them pristine? Should I actually use them?

I hadn’t even considered it until it all arrived, but almost all of this is sure to be limited-time. A year from now, they probably won’t be selling any of it; you’ll have to find it on Ebay or elsewhere. I imagine some of this, especially the script books, will end up very expensive in the far future!

But it feels a bit lame to buy a bunch of cool products and hide them away forever. A whole book of stickers, and I can’t even put them on my laptop? A friggin’ Master Belch keychain and I can’t even put it on my work bag? I already tore off the first months on the calendar by accident, so I guess I’ve decided to use that one.

Honestly, I can’t decide which to do with the Earthbound goods. Keep them as collector’s items, or use them to show off my fandom?

(There’s a third option, which is just buy second copies of everything, but that’s more like a good way to waste a couple hundred bucks lol.)

What should I do? I crave guidance.

(Also, Nintendo, where the heck is Mother 3?!)

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