I’ve found true love, and its name is… Link Scoop.

Welcome to another addition of this blog series where I share with you the things I’ve been seeing on this here wide world of web. Considering I spend a majority of my waking hours interfacing with the internet on various backlit screens, I guess you can call that true love. Or true addiction.

Anyway, you’re probably the same way, which is why you’re here. You need to consume more and more internet content, which is what Link Scoop is here to provide. Open wide.

The Epic Heathcliff Slug Arc

Heathcliff the comic strip is well-known for its intense storylines and huge character development. Last week saw the beginning and conclusion of the universally lauded Slug Arc, where Heathcliff encounters some slugs. Please take some time out of your life to read this pulse-pounding adventure that will leave you begging for more.

True Love on Tapas Contest

Publish your ongoing romance serial on Tapas, and 15 winners will receive a publishing deal with a $10,000 advance! Holy crap!

You have to publish at least 30 chapters of 1500 words each (so, 45,000+ words) from now to December 31st, so if you don’t already have a book series ready you might be in a tough spot. But if your story is really good and has the potential for long-form serialization, you might just be in luck for a legitimately extremely compelling contest.

True love is having a story so good it breaks out and wins a whole contest.

Evernote’s Gonna Restrict Free Users to 50 Notes Total, Holy Crap That’s the Opposite of True Love

Very soon, if you have an Evernote account and not paying for premium, you’ll be restricted to 50 notes total, and you’ll have to delete the rest.

Currently the limit is *100,000.*

If you have ever used a note-taking app, ever, for any reason, you will realize how ridiculous this is. They say the “majority” of users have less than 50 notes, but honestly that probably counts me, who made an account 9 or 10 years ago and hasn’t used it since. I’m sure any weekly active user has at least a few hundred!

The enshittification of once-beloved online platforms is a major theme of 2023, and news like this makes me more glad than ever that I am in the process of moving all my notes to Obsidian. True love is knowing my notes are on my PC, backed up and readable on any word processor, even if the platform dies a fiery death someday.

Renewable Energy Is Hard…

Tom Scott’s travel videos are always a delight; I wish he’d make a big compilation that’s 3 hours long so you can just have it on in the background and rewatch old visits while you cook dinner. Some of the world’s most interesting places explored, and often with very good stories connecting them.

This time it’s an area of Canada that could be a massive boon to renewable energy… Except it just doesn’t work. Check it out.

The Switch is Nearing Its End… Mario Kart 8 Sales Slump

Kind of unbelievable, but Mario Kart 8 sales are declining for the first time since launch almost 7 years ago. A nine year old game with over 70 million sales, and it’s finally falling out of the Top 20 games… It’ll probably come back when holiday sales are tallied, but it’s a sign of the times… The Nintendo Switch is on its way out, because literally everyone already owns Mario Kart 8.

The next Nintendo console’s probably coming out in November 2024, or maybe March 2025, and with it Mario Kart 9 will probably be there. But what else is gonna come? I already speculated about that in a different recent blog post.

In the Scenes Behind Plain Sight

This is one of the funniest podcasts I’ve listened to in ages. ITSBPS is a fake celebrity rewatch podcast about a nonexistant early 00s sitcom that everyone hated but somehow limped on to 5 seasons. That alone is a very funny premise, but then the story goes in absurd, surreal, even metafictional directions as our two hosts go through each increasingly stupid TV episode recap.

If you like trashy old 00s TV, or if you’re into shitty podcasts, this is exactly the series for you to find true love. It ended pretty recently, so it’s a complete 5-season storyline ready for you to dig into.

Trust me, it starts weird but it gets much, much weirder.

My True Love For You

Dear reader, you are my one and only. I scoop these links just for you. And also you. And yeah, you too. All of you are equally my one and only, as a collective.

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