Life Rambles – Time Management – Expert Challenge Mode

I’m writing this short post about time management from the gym shower room. Hopefully not holding up anyone waiting oops

Did you even know you could post from WordPress on your personal server using the WordPress app? Kinda epic!

Anyway, I’m making progress on my Reiwa 6 resolutions, one month in, but it’s been mildly exhausting to do it all. Starting at new workplaces I’ll almost certainly leave by the end of the school year. Falling into entirely new routines… Adjusting has been really hard.

My commute went from 15 minutes to 75, for one. No more waking up at 7:45am for an 8:30am start, huh. It’s meant I’m in transit, in intermediate spaces, a good 2.5-3 hours every single day. Hard to write or do online classes when I’m never home… and hard to resist junk food when I pass 35 conbinis in my daily route.

And, like every spring, I get a real-deal social life, where I overbook and overspend. I had a work party, a date, and a cultural festival this weekend. Next weekend’s booked too, and already so are several saturdays in June. At the same time, I’ve been falling off all my online social relationships and I am struggling to write consistently at all.

I’ll adjust, but it’ll only be by compromising. When I’m only home and awake 30 hours a week, I better make those count. What should I do?

On the bright side, my absurd commute has got me reading WAY more. I got a new Kobo Color (review pending) and I get a bunch of pages done a day. Plus, podcasts out the wazoo, as usual.

Anyway, my hair’s dry enough. I better get out before someone yells.

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