Link Scoop 004: Larger Than Life

I’m too tired this time to add an SEO keyword in this article. Sorry! I’m lazy! So you won’t see a suspiciously repetitive phrase over and over. Or will you…

Anyway, I’ve got links, and you’ve got eyeballs ready to view them. Open wide.

Clickbait That Got Me: The Largest Athletes

It’s been a LONG time since Outbrain got a click from me, but I had to give it props for the best clickbait title and thumbnail in a while. Something just triggered in my brain, like, hell yeah, I wanna see a ton of Large Athletes. These guys are Large.

The article itself actually sucks. Just awful content, probably ChatGPT generated, and filled to the brim with ads on my tragically adblock-free work PC. Most of these athletes are nowhere near Ridiculously Large! I was lied to! They’re just tall or weigh lot!!

But it’s clickbait that worked on me, therefore it wins.

Things that make me extremely glad I don’t use Tiktok

What the fuck is wrong with people that an automated algorithm can turn you into a damn armchair Jihadist or something. Tribalism and scrolling-based laziness are dooming the planet.

Peppermint Patty, Feminist Icon

A long-forgotten history about Peanuts’s pretty awesome activist politics bubbling up under the surface! Comic strips used to be huge, just really big back in the heyday of the newspaper. Peanuts had a platform and Charles Schulz used it as a force for good. What’s the modern equivalent of this, even? A popular gaming Youtuber or something making a video about climate change?

Side-link: Did you know Peppermint Patty’s voice actor, on multiple occasions, has been a boy? I don’t know what to make of this. There’s just so much there to dig into and I can’t find any information about the context. I need this context.

Best Video For Your Second Monitor

An hour-long overview of the history of Earth, with cool music and nice visuals and occasional British narration. Set this thing on, especially in the last few minutes where stuff accelerates dramatically. The first 30 minutes of mostly lava is awesome too, though. Probably great to have on at a house party.

Someone gotta play Dokapon Kingdom with me

Dokapon Kingdom, famous hidden gem party game RPG, got released on Switch recently, and it’s made me really wanna play it with friends. Well, the Switch version probably not, but maybe the Wii version online over Dolphin. With how much absurd fun I’ve had over the years over non-traditional party games like Advance Wars, Fortune Street, and Ribbit King, this thing looks like it’s right up my alley. I just need to find a few friends to dig in with it. Bring this up with me on the Discord.

Oh, Look, It’s Some Self-Promo!

The Quinlan Circle is so visually inviting, I just love it. It really makes you wanna spend a bunch of time reading and playing all our books/games, huh.

Novelty Branded Items… This time, it’s a Duracell-shaped charging station

If only it was an actual battery itself.

That About Does It

Check out my most recent blog posts on Annoying Americans in Anime and about Civ VI being way too long… Other than that, have a good week or however long until the next Link Scoop.

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