For some reason, in Japan, Zima is still here?!

I made a post a while back about the last Zima. It was all poigniant and melancholy and following in the long line of posts I’ve made about websites and magazines and people all fading away.

…But then I moved to Kyoto and found Zimas all over every supermarket and convenience store. Zimas ain’t gone at all.

I don’t really understand why Zima is still here. They made such a big deal about it finally going away at the beginning of 2022. And by early 2023, I realized the truth that they are still here.

Right now, mostly in glass bottle form. I found a case of cans on Amazon, but I don’t see the cans much in grocery stores or convenience stores. And it has plenty of competitors in the “200 yen liquour” category, so it’s not necessarily going to live a long time.

But I’m glad that Zima is still here, somehow.

I’m very glad my previous article was a falsehood, that its poigniant wistfulness was all for naught.

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