I’m gonna give you some dirty secrets of blogging.

I’m writing this right after my post about offline mobile games, which I think was a pretty weird ramble that didn’t have too much to say. But it was pretty long regardless!

Well, one of the dirty secrets of blogging is that a whole lot of my posts are, genuinely, just some rambling. No thesis, no bigger stuff, it’s just me finding a topic, doing some research, and presenting that research to you. Usually I don’t take a firm side, or the firm side I started with slips away. Is that bad? For views, yes, but then again this blog barely gets views no matter what. For time? Maybe. When I make an Osbidian note and ramble to myself, I don’t even bother with grammar or any sort of formatting. For as poorly written as some of my blogs are here, I at least put SOME effort into getting pictures and links and doing obligatory SEO. All that work takes some time.

When I make a rambling meandering blog post, it’s usually an artifact of me researching something live in real-time, published as a static document. But, my hope usually is, it’ll at least make ya think a little.

Dirty Secrets of Blogging that make you go hmmm

In the future, I’ll probably be putting out more legitimately high-quality posts with editing and clear points and more dumb pictures. But those take lots of time to make, whereas blog posts like this I can throw out in 10-15 minutes. Or 30-40 minutes if I go overboard with the research part.

Another one of the dirty secrets of blogging is that this very post about rambling is, itself, a ramble.

I don’t actually have any more dirty secrets. It was just sorta the one.

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