I seem to have had a massive viewership spike in the past couple days….

OK, just from the past two days, my recent JET Program blog post has already become the post on the site. Well, the post since the server switch reset the stats, but I think it’d still be about behind stuff like the Web Fiction Directory and that Curtains post. In two days!

Looks like someone linked it on Reddit and it got a bunch of buzz. An actual conversation came from it, too! I don’t appreciate the people who hurl weirdly harsh insults or dismiss stuff out of hand, but I do appreciate anyone engaging in a healthy manner, especially the people who disagreed and gave good points.

That post was just my favorite ideas, and some of the ideas are even contradictory; it was meant to start a conversation, and I’m glad it did to some degree. 500 views and counting is a good start! (Actually, due to adblock viewers sometimes not counting, it’s actually even larger than my stats post shows.)

So, cool for a massive viewership spike. I’m hoping there’s a larger discussion about fixing the JET Program… Or, fixing the native English teacher hiring system in Japan in general, but that’s a much larger issue I can’t even begin to address myself. Although other organizations can

As for me, I’mma keep sticking to my Reiwa 6 Resolutions and do my best.

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