Go turn over a delivery truck or something. I knew someone once who got arrested on May Day in a group who got drunk and tried driving somewhere (oops don’t drink and drive).

I also found out just now that there is an Animorphs reading list, as if it’s an anime with filler arcs and stuff like that. The extreme prevalence of huge franchises with community-led reading lists is a good sign of the power of crowdsourced information. I love that we can develop a deeper appreciation for these megaseries but be guided through the timewasting trashy parts.

Although I am slightly uneasy of the prospect that a couple highly opinionated, often Way Too Online members of a fandom can have huge sway in this thing. Only 3 people are ever gonna assemble a list of “definitive” Batman stories in chronological order because of how long it takes… Do we trust the stuff they skip or include is really the right stuff? Well… I guess the only way we can know is to consume all of that media ourselves.

Anyway, that’s my essay about consumerism and franchises on May Day. A very fitting day to do that.

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