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b. a. baker portfolio

Thank you for visiting the B. A. Baker portfolio page.

I’m a published author writing about technology, LGBTQ+ issues, fandom, cultural exchange, and cyclical storytelling, and having a lot of fun doing it.

Originally from the Chattanooga, Tennesee, area, I graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2017 with a B.A. in Writing & Linguistics and have since relocated to Japan, where I have worked as an assistant language teacher since 2018. International cultural exchange is great!

My writing focuses primarily on speculative fiction, including science fiction and fantasy, along with nonfiction media criticism and opinion. I love studying story structure and designing unique stories that stray far from the expected. I am also very interested in multimedia storytelling, especially the combination of prose, comics, games, and animation. Work that uses multiple mediums at once will always get my attention.

I edited humor-focused literary magazine Moonglasses Magazine from 2015-2017, and I am a co-founder and project editor for the fiction collective Quinlan Circle since 2018.

My fiction work has been self-published on story websites such as Royal Road and Tapas, and has been mentioned in publications including the New York Times and The Guardian. My nonfiction work has been featured on this very website’s blog page, as well as on sites like ScreenGeek.net.

Please take a look around my site and let me know what you think!

Contact me at morganharding@vivaldi.net, or on Twitter if you happen to be around those parts.

Major Projects

The Gay Gatsby

  • Release: January 1st, 2021
  • Genres: LGBTQ+, Comedy, Sci-Fi
  • Nick Carraway meets a mysterious man named Gaylord Gatsby and his whole life changes. Look out at the rainbow light and get the hell ready for the new remixed, metafictional version of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
  • Cover by Joi Massat.
  • A full novel published as a response to The Great Gatsby entering the public domain in 2021. Mentioned in the New York Times, The Guardian, and WIRED as part of the trend of Gatsby retellings and the state of copyright in storytelling.
  • Audiobook published in 2022, narrated by Keith Yeager.
  • Read a sample here.

Hands Held in the Snow

  • Release: 2019-2020
  • Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult, LGBTQ+
  • A moving LGBT+ fantasy coming-of-age story about two young women from very different backgrounds discovering each other and themselves in the midst of great turmoil in their city.
  • 70 chapters, 110,000 words. Featured on Tapas on multiple occasions.
  • In-story illustrations by Mikayla Buan.
  • Read a sample here.

Reborn on a Systemless Earth… With a System

  • Release: 2020-Present (ongoing)
  • Genres: Fantasy, Isekai, Contemporary, Comedy, LitRPG
  • You know the setup. A young man on Earth hit by a speeding truck who ends up in a generic fantasy world. But what about this: A young man in a generic fantasy world hit by a speeding truck who ends up in modern-day San Francisco, and yet still wants to be a hero anyway? That’s how this one starts, and it just keeps on going.
  • A three-book web serial with currently over 200 chapters and over 1,200,000 views on Royal Road.
  • Cover by Mikayla Buan.
  • Read a sample here.
  • Read another sample here.

Web Fiction Directory

  • A regularly maintained list of active websites for web fiction, webcomics, and interactive game experiences. The list has helped thousands of readers and writers discover new platforms, and is frequently recommended on social media platforms.

2010s Retrospectives Series

  • An ongoing series of blogs published on my own website that examine different parts of the entire decade of the 2010s. Some articles are autobiographical reflections, some are deep-dives into media topics, and some are simple vignettes about forgotten moments that help paint the picture as a whole.
  • My goal with the blog series is to provide a valuable, inevitably biased cultural artifact for historians studying the 2010s many decades in the future. Over 100 articles posted so far.

And, for a further list:

Fiction – Prose

Her Golemancer GirlfriendWeb serialFantasy, Action2021-presentA queer-positive action story with over 100,000 views on Royal Road. Featured on the front page of Tapas. In-story art by Mikayla Buan.
ATL: Stories from the RetrofutureWeb serialSci-fi, Comedy2018-2021Long-running web serial with multimedia experiments, including artwork, comics, and games. Art by various contributors.
Gretel & The Really Hot Witch (feat. Hansel)Short storyComedy2021Collected in the “Sappho’s Spinning Wheel” WLW romance anthology.
Just Love MeShort storyMagical realism, Romance2020A dramatic romantic story that uses magical realism to explore a literally fading queer relationship.


Hands Held in the Snow: Date NightComic stripComedy, Romance2021Comic script and sketches. Art by Ryuichirou.
The Convenience Store on the Edge of RealityComic stripComedy2020Crossover comic script for Pride 2020 celebrations. Art by Ryuichirou.
Sandswept: The Squiddle SessionMultimedia comic seriesFantasy, Sci-fi, Comedy, Horror2012-2017Project manager, story supervision, scripts, storyboards. Art and story work by various contributors.

Games & Animation

ATL: The New Knights – Chapter 3Text AdventureGame design, writing2019An experimental chapter of this web serial that uses the text adventure format to let readers nonlinearly explore a futuristic convention center. Branching paths, but no divergent storylines.
Sandswept – [S] Act 2Game – WalkaroundMap layout design, script, game design2014Interactive narrative minigame, part of the Sandswept multimedia project. If the original file cannot be played, please try this linear playthrough version.
Sandswept – [S] Rode: EnterAnimationStoryboards2014A short narrative animation, part of the Sandswept multimedia comic series.
[S] Rex Duodecim AngelusAnimationStoryboards2011-2014Contributed storyboards for sequences throughout the animation, most prominently in the sequence from 4:00 to 4:22.
Sandswept – [S] Rode: Get MailGame – WalkaroundMap layout design, script, game design2013Interactive narrative minigame, part of the Sandswept multimedia project. If the original file cannot be played, please try this linear playthrough version.

Media Articles

8 New Oscar Categories We Need2023A passionate plea for more representation at the Academy Awards, and my ideas for how to help make that happen.
The Great Desensitization2023Reflections on the way extremely serious news topics slowly fade into the background. Why it’s necessary, and why it’s a problem all the same.
Close Talker by nelward – Review2022Reviewing a single song that helped me reflect on pop culture changes and amateur art.
The Curtains Were Blue For a Reason2021An article that tears apart an internet meme that transformed slowly into a dismissal of all literary criticism.
Obama x Romney Fan Fiction: The Nostalgic World2021Fandom, ironic humor, and politics swirling together in a way that could only have ever happened in the early 2010s.
Why Can’t I Marry Petra?! (and, Queer Romance in Video Games)2020An article about how LGBTQ+ representation in video games skyrocketed over the course of the 2010s.
Super Mario Dance Bros., Irony, and My First Semester of College2020Memories of the bizarre depths of Youtube.
Big Dumbass Movies2020A celebration of the biggest, dumbest blockbusters of 2018.
The Star Wars EU’s Old White Guy Jedi Problem2019An article about accidental shared universe bloat hurting storytelling opportunities.


It’s Always FridayNovellaEditor2022Edited this sci-fi novella published on the author’s website.
Uh, Reincarnation Goddess? You Forgot to Give Me the SystemNovelProofreader2021Web serial published over the course of 2021.
A Broken ClockShort StoryEditor2021Edited this sci-fi short story published on the author’s website.
Invisible Werewolf Dracula meets Vampire Mummy FrankensteinNovelEditor, Proofreader2020Web serial published as an e-book and audiobook.
Moonglasses MagazineLiterary MagazineCo-Founder, Editor2015-2017Humor-focused literary magazine. Read and edited fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and art submissions.