Fant4stic Goes to… (pfft) Denny’s [2015]

Remember Fant4stic? No? Meh.

They don’t really do fast food and junk food tie-ins with big blockbuster movies that much anymore. That was very much a product of the 90s and 00s, and after the first Avengers movie in 2012, you hardly saw it outside the inevitable Star Wars brand tie-ins, which are universal constant.

I’ve always wondered why exactly that is, but then I remember how Fant4stic went.

Their tie-in with Denny’s was just…



Fant4stic was supposed to be a dark body horror film that turned the Fantastic Four into a more realistic, creepier experience. However, the movie got reshot to hell presumably to cater to brand tie-ins that didn’t want to be associated with that original vision. So the end result is a pretty bad movie that was also a gigantic box office bomb, existed almost solely to cater to… this…


Outside of that one moment in Passengers (2016) where Jennifer Lawrence says “Space is the LAST thing I need hahaha” and then Imagine Dragons plays, this is the most quintessentially 2010s pop culture artifact I can think of. Fant4stic Denny’s tie-ins. Just wow.

I liked some 2010s superhero movies a lot more than this one, I gotta admit. Almost 100% of them.

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