The Weird New Trend Where People Buy The Gay Gatsby For Social Clout

I found a weird new trend on the internet lately where people are literally buying Gay Gatsby. Just to be cool and beloved by their friends online.

Isn’t that crazy?

I hear on Bumble they’re calling it the Gay Gatsby Challenge. Yik Yak is getting a few dozen posts a day on the NYU campus talking about the Carraway Clout they’ve won by buying a copy of Gay Gatsby for four of their friends.

Like a new dance trend kicking up a storm in the nation, this weird new trend is obliterating every news cycle, becoming the talk of the town no matter what town you live in. Even in my town, the #GatsbySweep is the constant conversation topic. The new Justice Smith Slap controversy, they say.

I’m pretty amazed by it, myself. The weird new trend just to buy Gay Gatsby for themselves, even on Smashwords where they didn’t need to buy it that way since they already owned it on Amazon? All just because it’s a viral social media trend? Crazy, but impressive, nonetheless.

When I saw Mark Hamill tweeting about it, that’s when I knew this weird new trend had become a total phenomenon:

weird new trend

How do we even deal with something like this? I guess, honestly, the only option is to keep buying Gay Gatsby as much as possible and gifting it to every single person you know and have contact information for. It’s a digital good, so there’s not really scarcity in any real way, and that means it’s the ultimate viral hit. A Dailymotion video can be, what, 100 MB to stream if it’s in good quality? Gay Gatsby’s like a single megabyte. The real weird new trend is that people are so concerned with conserving data space that they’re reading a lot more books instead of watching videos. Your local server farm thanks you!

weird new trend

What do you think about this weird new trend where almost everyone in the world is buying Gay Gatsby and bragging about it on social media? Sound off in the comments, and, sigh, post receipts I guess since that’s what the kids are into these days.

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