Bring Back Star Wars Legends With Animated Movies!

Y’all know how I desperately want Lucasfilm to bring back Star Wars Legends. I love it! I’m not the only one; the Star Wars EU subreddit has posts about it all the time. too.

Well, I found a TikTokker guy talking about this very same thing I’ve always ranted about. The best way to bring back Star Wars Legends is through animated movies!

Just in case TikTok doesn’t embed correctly, here’s the Youtube version too:



People already love the cool varied animation styles brought in with the non-canon project Star Wars Visions:

And fan films have shown some really cool potential too:

A Sunrise anime-esque short about the baddies
A Blur Studios-esque awesome animation scene
As if Dark Empire had been an animated TV special in 1984

It’s a win-win for Lucasfilm. They can bring back Star Wars Legends, appeasing the long-term fans, and cashing in on the nostalgia that 80s and 90s Star Wars content brings. They can save money by making cheaper animation under one unified style, and they can take the easy route by closely adapting all sorts of different comics, movies, and games.

bring back star wars legends

The DC animated movies has spent over fifteen years years building up its big old animated movie universe this same way. Direct-to-video adaptations of classic DC comic storylines, reworked just a smidge to help fit the movies with each other. 16 movies in the main canon, and dozens more standalone or other universe titles. For a lot of DC fans, this is THE definitive way they even experienced a lot of classic stories.

Can you imagine Lucasfilm deciding to bring back Star Wars Legends in the same way? All it takes is one writer’s room of passionate creators, maybe bringing back an old author like Timothy Zahn or John Jackson Miller or Christie Golden to keep that spark going, and a distinct visual style across each entry to make viewers know that these movies all fit together.

They could jump around the timeline and do stories from any part of Star Wars Legends. Adapt the old Marvel-era comics or comic strips. Depict the tragedy of the Outbound Flight. Take a very, very long time to tell the tale of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Shadows of the Empire, with all its movie-paced style, is obviously an absolute perfect pick for adaptation as well. Heck, they could even make brand-new Legends stories this way; it’s a recipe for more timeline clashes and inevitable retcons everywhere, but that’s just part of the job description for being a Legends fan.

The multiverse is a VERY well-established part of general media consciousness now. People are able to differentiate between Legends and New Canon, and I hope Lucasfilm is savvy enough to recognize it. Bring back Star Wars Legends! Give us a bunch of animated movies!

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