So, today marks the tenth anniversary of my first post on what became “The NC Backblog.” It’s a blog that started as a way for me to post articles to show other users of the old Nintendo City Forums about some of the dumb games I was playing; I had a keen and strange interest in canceled, pirated, or otherwise obscure retro games, and finally had the guts to download all the ROMs for them and take screenshots. (Before, I was too scared to actually pirate games. I was a middle schooler, OK?)

Here’s the first post:

Umm…. *insert longwinded introduction here*

So, do you remember classics like Mortal Combat 5: Sub-Zero, Dark Arena, and Faceball 2000? No? Well, then you’re going to love this site, dedicated to all things obscure, overlooked, and pirated!

So, that dumb blog based on playing games and screenshotting captions eventually turned into an all-purpose blog for whatever was on my mind. And through that I got my first taste of sharing prose fiction online for the internet to read (though it was mostly nobody). After ten years, I can look back with great fondness that, on a whim, I started a blog.

Blogs kinda suck though. Except for mine!

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2 thoughts on “NC Backblog at Ten Years

  1. I was hoping for a little more introspective ripping-your-precious-old-self-apart stuff. While you were backblogging, I was fanfictioning and floating ideas like a play-by-post Kirby RPG forum that of course never existed. I envisioned the AVGN, the Nostalgia Critic, and the Irate Gamer as a glowing trifecta who needed to all fight someday. Everything I did was pretty bad, and yet it made me into the skilled person I am today.

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