I found a new flavor of Fanta recently, Fanta Socata, seemingly exclusively in scattered vending machines at sparsely populated train stations considering I have literally never seen it for sale elsewhere.

Socata…. Socata!? What does that even mean?

A quick googling reveals that this interesting curiosity takes its flavor from a traditional Romanian soda. And is sold… in Japanese vending machines. Huh. More googling tells me that there is a different soda called Fanta Shokata that has a very similar taste, but while that one markets itself firmly in the “blue drink” category, this one’s apparently “flower drink.” Soda marketing confuses me and

Well, seeing as this one is already at “value price” despite being, apparently, a new and limited-run product, I am thinking it didn’t actually catch on with consumers.

Fanta Socata

Okay, I’m buying three of these, and I’m going to get to the bottom of things.

Wish me the best of luck.

A few days later…

Fanta Socata

It’s… yeah, Fanta Socata is flowery alright.

It’s sweet and almost medicinely so; it’s not like any other Japanese soda I’ve ever had, and it’s a far cry from anything I’ve ever had in America. It’s…

I don’t like it.

The aftertaste is real weird and the whole thing tastes vaguely like you accidentally dropped a mint leaf inside your coke, then left that coke to sit for six hours.

After three of these things, I’ve come to the conclusion that either my tastebuds are not well-refined, or Fanta Socata is bad soda. I’m gonna go with the former.

So, please, could someone refer me to the nearest tongue doctor so I can fix this?

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2 thoughts on “Fanta Socata… A New Flavor…!?

  1. Once I tried to drink elderflower soda. I was so excited, but then I tasted it and it tasted bad. Then I found out it was expired. Oops. What was it supposed to taste like? I may never know.

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