Best of the Decade: Music (Honorable Mentions) [2010s]

This is a sequel to my previous article on my favorite albums of the 2010s. I had so much to write about that that list went on way longer than I wanted, and I was STILL unable to list all of my favorites. There’s a lot of amazing music out there!

So I wanted to make this second list just to feature everything else I wanted to feature, though without any writeups this time. Same rules apply last time, so no repeat artists/groups, and no soundtracks (sorry again Michael).

So here we go:

Bonito Generation (2017)

A for Amiga (2013)

Now That’s What I Call Kulor (2012)

In Isolation (2013)

Clockwork Angels (2012)

pale machine (2013, 2014)

Honestly this one only got cut from the main list because the Expansion Pack songs still aren’t available for digital purchase even 7 years later. They’re on Spotify though:

The Sunny Topsoil (2019)

Induction (2012)

The Black Box (2013)

Healing (2017)

STAFFcirc vol. 2 – AI BOMB VARIATIONS (2016)

Homestuck: Volume 8 (2011)

(now only available in a compilation with none of the original track art. Volume 8 starts from track 21)

Computer Savvy (2011)


Starbound (2012)

Okay (2018)

Bear & Bird (2011)

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