One Year of 2010s Retrospectives

It’s been an entire year since I first started the 2010s Retrospectives Series. There’s already been nearly 70 different posts in that time, covering topics as varied as my teenage histrionics, to queer representation in media, to the web fiction community, to Jeb! Bush, to bizarre internet urban legends.

I hope you’ve enjoyed them so far!

I certainly didn’t expect for the series to last as long as it did. But I kept getting more and more ideas for posts, and I wanted to share my reflections with the world. We sure did a lot of stuff in the 2010s, and I think shining a spotlight on all of it will help us chart a new path through the 2020s.

Of course, 2020 in particular has been… a very climactic year… and there will be a lot of pieces to pick up. With pop culture decimated, our political system ruined, and a global pandemic, things will absolutely change. And that’s why I think reflecting back on these pre-2020 times is more important than ever.

Even though my 2010s Retrospectives don’t bring in very many readers, I still want to write a few more big posts. I want to create a patchwork of memories that help paint a picture of the entire decade. Maybe that sounds a bit hokey and over-ambitious, but I want to try!

My new goal is to finish by December 31st. Maybe a few stragglers will pop up in 2021, but hopefully this will wrap up soon.

So, stick around a bit longer, and subscribe by e-mail, and I’ll make sure to keep writing. There’s bound to be a few more good blogs in here somewhere!

(Also, there’s only a week before election day in the United States. If you’re an American, please vote!!!!)

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