I’ve written a new short fan fiction called “Tower of Arnold.” It’s a satire story about everyone’s most despised character from the hit Royal Road serial Tower of Somnus by CoCoP. Arnold Jacques is a young, pretty rich young man with a really big heart and an even bigger libido, and he’s not afraid to show it.

The original story is a cyberpunk action story about an intergalactic VRMMO. This story is a drama about one really nice guy who just can’t get all the girls to see him. I must warn you, though; this story does have some elements in it that are… unsavory. AKA, the entire thing. Do not read this if you don’t like feeling gross on the inside.

(Obviously, I don’t endorse any of the thoughts or actions stated in “Tower of Arnold.”)

I’m… probably not going to add this to my publications page

As an extra bonus for my blog, I’ll share some fun Artbreeder outtakes. For some reason, I spent like two hours making this cover, so I have extra stuff and failed images. Look at these “Tower of Arnold” prototypes:

You can see the entire process it took to evolve my fake man into a true creep. Artbreeder is honestly really fun; if I had all the time in the world, I’d use it way too much and never write anymore.

Also, I fact-checked after making the cover, and found out that Arnold is described in the story as: “a shiteating grin surrounded by curly black hair and a pair of light brown eyes.” I messed up, but it was too late. I’ll just say my AU is one where Arnold dyed his hair and also wears contacts. That’s the beauty of “Tower of Arnold.”

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