Thedude3445’s New Posting Schedule

Thanks to The Gay Gatsby, a few unreleased/unannounced projects in the works, and real life issues, my posting schedule has been erratic so far in 2021. Sorry about that!

That’s all about to change. I’ve finally crafted a whole new posting schedule, and hopefully it will last the rest of 2021. I’m taking my work slow, and I think that might annoy some people, but it’s the best way, I think:

(All times are in JST, so Japan time. For Americans might mean they fall on the morning of, or the night before.)

*There may be more than one blog post per week. But I will post at least one every week on Friday. This very blog entry here is the first in that posting schedule!

The Patreon advance chapters will be posted/unlocked on the same posting schedule as this. I really, really hope you’ll give a few bucks on Patreon, because that’s going to be a huge part of how the Quinlan Circle grows soon.

Additionally, I am aiming to post one new Hands Held in the Snow bonus chapter each month, if I can. It’s not going to be consistent, but it’ll be fun.

I really hope to add more content to the schedule each week! It won’t be for a few months, though, so at least for the spring and summer, this is what we get. I hope you’re excited, because I am.

Want to know what I wasted exactly 7 days of my time on instead of my ongoing serials? Read my blog posts about two very dumb novellas: Cultvine, and Tower of Arnold. I don’t recommend the stories, but I do recommend the posts.

Also, read a retrospective on all the smartphones I used to use.

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