For the first time in my blog’s entire history, I didn’t post for the entire month of April 2022. Gosh, that sucks. Lately, it’s been a single post every month, though, so it’s not like it’s been active anyway. But now thanks to strange creative burnout and a busy schedule, I finally missed my first month.

I’d say sorry but I don’t think there are exactly avid readers of every blog post I make, so the only person I am sorry to is myself for not getting to post new reflections and rambles.

Anyway, how are you? I’m good. My April was intensely, extremely busy. Nope, I didn’t post any fiction, although you can reread my stories whenever you want. Basically the last writing I did was that Riposte review in March.

But that’s OK, because I did a ton of stuff in real life. Some of which is private and won’t come up again, but a lot of which I’m gonna post cool blogs about. I also watched a lot of Youtube videos by ThorHighHeels instead of doing productive things. It inspired me to play video games a lot, especially in mid-March, although it also distracted me from doing things like… cleaning my house…. sigh

Things are changing, though!

Starting today, I’m setting a goal for myself to try and write a new blog post every single day for a while. I won’t POST a new blog every day, and some I’ll never even post to begin with. But soon, in a couple weeks or months, I’ll become more active on here again. Be prepared for many rambles. Even though I didn’t post in April, I will definitely be posting more soon.

Anyway, now I have to ask something important for you, dear readers: How have YOU been? I want to know how your spring has been so far. Have you read any good books? Did you get engaged? Is there a new music album you’re listening to on repeat? Tell me, for it will feed the fires of my bloggery.

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