I’m going to revamp my 2022 blog posting schedule. There’s nothing any of us can do about it, least of all me.

Although, first, I have to openly admit that I’ve got to stretch this thing. SEO really prefers if posts are 300+ words long, and I’ll get nowhere near that without a lot of finessing, finessing of the highest caliber I might add. So, as I prepare to tell you my 2022 blog posting schedule, I’ll leave you to wonder: What might my post’s focus keyphrase be? The SEO will be very strong with my 2022 blog posting schedule, after all.

Anyway, how have you been doing? Good? So-so? A little under the weather? Surprisingly great? Yeah, I hear you. It’s been a fair bit since my last blog post update. To be honest, my life’s been really awesome, but awesome in that way where life is constantly extremely busy. Also, I still don’t have a new job lined up yet, which is Not Great To Be Honest. I’ll get that though. Don’t you go worrying about me.

As for my posting schedule… Get your seatbelts buckled, because it’s gonna be a wild ride. Okay, not that wild. Especially since I’m not posting any story stuff for the time being. Just blogs. (Buy my books)

Here it goes (times are all in JST, probably in the mornings):

  • Tuesday: 2010s Retrospective Series (I gotta finish this series!), or another media-related post.
  • Thursday: Posts about stories or writing, or Project/Life updates. My writing-related posts always get the most views lol

Plus, off-day posts if anything timely comes up I want to write about (such as the recent Pride Month post). Sometimes I’ll have follow-up posts, so posting them close together will be better. Generally, though, just two or three.

Two blogs a week for my 2022 blog posting schedule, that’s right! Sometimes three. Occasionally four, perhaps. I have a bunch stored up, and I really want to get them all out in a timely manner.

2022 blog posting schedule
I needed an image to help with SEO, sue me. BTW this is a hint to a future blog post

It’s not, precisely, uh, the best use of my writing time from a financial perspective, but in this point in my life, it’s the best I can really do, honestly. Until I move and get settled, I’m not sure I can do much fiction work, not in my current mental state. I hope that turns out to be wrong. But if not, at least I’ll have fun blogs for y’all!

EDIT in August 2022: OOPS I meant to post this over a month ago. Now it’s kinda fallen off because I do have a job, and I posted a few life updates already. I’m still not moved, though. I’m still gonna post extra blogs and it’s gonna be awesome.

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