I probably don’t need to tell people that Adobe Acrobat is evil, but I’ll tell you anyway. Adobe Acrobat is evil!

So I needed to sign a very important document, just needed to edit a single document. PDFs already are a bad format that I dislike a lot, but they’re so ubiquitous that I can’t do anything about that. Editing them should be as simple as anything else, and yet… that’s not how the world works, so you have to get specialized software.

I didn’t happen to have anything installed, so I went and tried to get the most common one… And then of course I discovered that Adobe Acrobat is evil, just evil. First off, when you go to download it, it comes attached with fucking MCAFEE ANTIVIRUS. It’s included in a super tiny checkbox that you have to click BEFORE downloading the file unlike 99% of every program where they try and sneak in the bloatware during the installation itself. I very nearly got McAfee malware’d straight onto my laptop. Yuck.

adobe acrobat is evil
I’ll never let this man take hold of me

If that’s not the worst thing, you can’t even edit PDFs with this stupid program, I discovered. You can’t even export files into other filetypes. Only way to do that stuff is to pay a fucking subscription fee, because I guess they assume people edit so many PDFs on a weekly basis that $15 a month is reasonable?

No, they realize that subscription fees are just a great way to do predatory pricing because people forget to cancel their free trials and then the cancellation process is such a hassle that they end up sticking with it for 2-3 months. And in that time they probably edit 2-3 PDFs max.

Adobe Acrobat is evil, truly.

But worst of all? It turns out you can just edit PDFs with Microsoft Word, anyway. I didn’t need any new program. Sigh.

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