Just to Let You Know I Have an Akari Figurine Hidden in My House

Followup to my previous post about Akari & Me, this time about my Akari figurine. An omake blog post, if that makes any sense. I’ll do bonuses sometimes!

Back when I studied in Nagoya for a year, I bought a few cheap anime figurines from Off House, the local secondhand store. One of those was an Akari figurine! Nothing special, just one of those ten dollar little plastic things you win at the arcade.

However, there was something special about the dorm I lived in–I was not alone. There were a few other YuruYuri fans here too! Unlike my university in America, I finally had bretheren who knew the epic tale of Yui and Kyouko and Chinatsu and that other one.

Therefore, I had a very cruel joke to play on the world. And on my own figurine.

I took that Akari figurine and hid it in a small windowspace outside my dorm. Visible to passersby, but only if they already knew where to look. Sadly, I didn’t take any photos of it at the time. But that’s okay, because proof of Akari is fleeting and hard to come by anyway.

Whenever I moved back to America, most of my stuff went into boxes and storage, but not this nearly invisible young lady. Instead, I took her with her everytime I moved. To Seattle, to Florida, back to Georgia, to Japan, across five homes in all.

And every time I moved, I placed my Akari figurine in some obscure hidden place to be stumbled upon in fear and shock months down the line.

akari figurine
My bedroom (converted sunroom) in Seattle in 2018. Can you find Akari?

I’m pretty sure I’m the only one I actually surprise with Akari. It’s not exactly common for people to go snooping around my house, after all. But in case it happens, I keep on hiding her and forgetting about her for many months.

Her current hiding place… I had to search a bit for her for this article

Extremely sunbleached

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