Karaage Pepsi is the newest thing in Japan. I love gimmicky limited time drinks. A combination made in heaven, and of course great fodder for clicks on my blog thanks to powerful SEO from people who desperately need to know: What the heck is karaage pepsi?

Pepsi has had many limited time flavors in Japan over the years. But what about this one?

Indeed, I am still unsure about what exactly is karaage Pepsi even now.

Well, anyway, I drank several bottles in order to taste test all this… FOR YOU, dear reader.

karaage pepsi

Yep, it’s perfectly clear all right. How that pertains to karaage, I have no idea.

W-wait a minute! This is another return of Crystal Pepsi! Isn’t it?! What the heck is going on here???

This one also is zero calories, which means it’s a diet drink with clear liquid. But it’s also a karaage Pepsi that’s supposed to pair with fried chicken.

Also, to my plebian tongue, it tastes exactly the same as a normal Pepsi. Sorry, y’all, but it’s just Pepsi as far as I can tell.

It doesn’t even pair very well with fried chicken! I mean, not any better than any other Pepsi would have done.

Of course, as a Georgia girl through and through, you may be assuming I’m some anti-Pepsi biased nitpicker. And you’re right, to an extent–5% of my blood is made of Coca-Cola–but I still love me some weird limited time drinks. Sadly, this one here didn’t do anything special for me.

Even after I tried 3 or 4 bottles, nothing changed. Karaage Pepsi is just friggin’ Crystal Pepsi with chicken on the label. That’s all it is, folks.

And that sucks, because I have to fill out 300 or more words to get optimal SEO for this article. That’s gonna be hard when it’s this short a subject!


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