A Moody Gay Spotify Playlist For You

OK google, play me like she did… The title of a Spotify playlist I made a couple months ago and continually add to. Whoever knew making moody angsty music mixes would be so much fun?

This is probably an utterly milquetoast blog post to discuss a random playlist I made once. But I guess it’s different for me, because I’m a weirdo who barely ever engages with popular music. We’ve been over this before. So it’s even less of a surprise that I have hardly any Spotify playlists that were “built” in the same way as “OK google, play me like she did.”

Normally, what I do when I make a playlist is try to let them accumulate over time. Instead of searching for stuff or ordering it all meticulously, I just add to the playlists when I find something that might fit. It eventually leads to pretty unwieldy stuff that doesn’t work that well even on shuffle.

This time, though, was different.

With “OK google, play me like she did,” I did my best effort to capture a very specific, very targeted mood. With tracks of gay girls pining, gay girls in heartbreak, and gay girls dealing with tough life issues, along with some weird instrumentals mixed in, I’ve created a good 5 hours of the gayest gay girl shit out there.

I’ve kept on tweaking and editing the playlist over the months, and I’ll probably keep working on it for a long time to come. For now, though, it’s fairly complete, and I think it’s a pretty eclectic mix as well. It only features a couple songs per artist, so it’s not just an overload of Lizzy McAlpine and dodie and girl in red, but of course it does feature plenty of songs by those three so whatever. All of the singers are female or nonbinary, and almost all of the songs are mildly sapphic, and many are excessively so.

Enjoy my playlist, and prepare for me to slowly build up an armada of all sorts of weird playlists. Maybe I’ll feature some of them on this blog too.

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