I Admit It… I Love Cinnamoroll

Cinnamoroll is adorable and great. I refuse to be ashamed about this from now on, so I will announce it loud to the world around me. I love Cinnamoroll!

In some circles, I would be called a heathen. Or, as Sanrio Characters fans call us, a cinner.

But I don’t care. I am a basic bitch, and I am proud to be one. Especially because I fell in love with this stupid dog rabbit thing purely by accident.

See, I had a nice Catbug wallet I got on clearance from We Love Fine (now By Fans For Fans), and that replaced my precious Madoka Magica wallet I got at Momocon 2014, which replaced my fantastic Captain America wallet I got in July 2011… I’m starting to realize this lineage of wallets is looking a lot like a longer-lasting version of my smartphones retrospective from last year. Also I’m too lazy to actually share pictures of all these wallets, but trust me they were cool.

I have never seen even a single scene of Bravest Warriors

But the Catbug one wasn’t the best quality and the little ears and the spine were starting to get really old after 3 years of use. So, in the end, I decided to look on Amazon JP for a replacement. Something cute, but also something that was functional enough to survive. I really wanted one with a clear inside slot to show an ID, but I gave up on that quickly because wallets in Japan don’t normally have those. I also wanted one that could fit in a pants pocket, even in women’s jeans if we’re dreaming big, but again… Nope.

So with my compromise, I found Cinnamoroll. Some cute Sanrio character I knew literally nothing about.

Cinnamoroll wallet

Suddenly, I became the talk of town with all my elementary school students. They friggin’ loved this thing, and there’s nothing better than being a very popular teacher because of your choice in wallet. Cinnamoroll is world famous, both in Japan and worldwide.

There was even one student who always wore Cinnamoroll hairpins who particularly liked the wallet. I tried getting her to lend me one of her hairpins so I could take a selfie, but she always refused… So I bought my own…

Cinnamoroll hairpin

With that, the deal was sealed. I became a lifelong fan of this cute little thing of ambiguous species and honestly pretty ambiguous gender too. Now I have way too much merchandise. Just way too much.

When I went to Osaka in April, I even happened to stumble upon a Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary pop-up store! WTF, this is great.

This video is great too.

I still know nothing of the lore, or all the other similar looking characters that are part of the family or whatever, but I know all about Cinnamoroll, and that’s the important part.

The best part about being a fan of an extremely mainstream, popular character? You encounter that character all the dang time!

I found this YESTERDAY (as of this writing, lol)
Cinnamoroll’s younger sister, probably. I ate her

It’s great being a fan of stuff. And I’ll never be ashamed of that, even if all y’all are gonna give me shit for it.


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