Now it’s time for a very short post on Nintendo Power Metroid covers. My last post was all about Nintendo Power as a whole, but now I want to get more specific, and feature all the Nintendo Power Metroid covers. No commentary, really. I just thought it would be a nice way to show how the magazine’s style changed over 25 years. How American pop culture changed, really.

So let’s look at all the Nintendo Power Metroid covers. As always, check out Retromags for all the covers and full magazine downloads.

Metroid II was the first one featured!
WTF is Samus doing here?
This is the only Samus appearance in the N64 era, best I could do
I absolutely love this cover. Minimalist and striking.
Somehow this was the following month’s cover…
I wish they repeated the Metroid Prime cover style here
Some lovely terrible puns here, and I love the strange bubbles
Overstuffed with text (and not in the cool way like the Prime Hunters cover) but still nice
The final one…

Did you enjoy seeing all these Nintendo Power Metroid covers? I sure did. They’re all really cool time capsules into design and advertising. And, most of them are really neat, or at least interesting. The most boring one is the final Metroid Other M cover, and that’s still really good art.

Let me know if you’re interested in other trawls back through video game magazine covers and features. The DK Vine facebook page does a lot of these time capsule dives, and I’d love to do more detailed ones if I ever have the time. (Or if I’m procrastinating on something more important like I am right now…)

For more old Nintendo art, read my post on clay model promo art!

Here’s some random other posts for you binge readers who are feeling real lucky.

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