Morii Yuka – Pokemon Card Art Spotlight

Morii Yuka is the clay model one. Get ready for good art.

My last blog about Pokemon card art did real big numbers (relative for my blog), so I’m gonna do more blogs that feature individual Pokemon card artists I’m a huge fan of! A lot of the artists have very distinct, very awesome styles that carry over from set to set, and you can see how they bring dozens, if not hundreds of cards to life over many years.

This time it’s Morii Yuka‘s turn, and she’s gonna floor us with her signature clay model style.

Morii Yuka Has Awesome Cards

She wasn’t one of the pioneering artists for the series, but she came during the Gold & Silver sets and instantly made her mark:

morii yuka

Starting out strong, Ms. Morii!

Even in her earliest cards, the models were always great, even if the environments were clearly also models. That part would change later on. I love the holographic designs.

morii yuka
It almost looks like CGI, weirdly enough.
morii yuka
Love that lighting
morii yuka
One of my favorite Pokemon, cool as always
morii yuka
Clearly an actual environment in the background, which is super cool.
morii yuka
Morii Yuka is famous for her Ditto card designs, and the interesting run of “Ditto as X” Pokemon cards that they should totally do again.

She quickly found out her primary style and made it hapen in a big way. Clay models in real environments, with great photography. Showing Pokemon existing in real places, even if they are clay models, makes them feel so real. MUCH realer than the hairy and creepy CGI designs of the Detective Pikachu movie, I would say.

morii yuka
Why does this card exist? I have absolutely no clue, but I like it.

Isn’t it awesome? Morii Yuka has made dozens of lovely cards for the Pokemon Trading Card game, and I hope she never stops. I’m downright in love with this stuff!

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