So, it’s about time to give a Web Fiction Directory update. The original directory is by far my most-viewed page on the entire website, even more than the homepage itself, so I try to keep it as current and up-to-date as I can.

However, I’m only one person, and refreshing the list takes a lot of work just in checking in to make sure the websites I’m listing even still exist–in my latest update, I had to remove several entries that went under, as well as an entry that was caught using spam and predatory contracts to lure in creators. That last part is honestly a big fear of mine with every Web Fiction Directory update I make.

The world of web novels, web comics, and interactive fiction is very volatile; the industry is young, and it’s a wild wild west out there as companies compete for eyeballs and IPs. So, I’d like to request in this shout-out of a blog post for y’all to help me out. What’s happening in this world of web fiction?

New sites, dead sites, scammy sites, sites exploding in popularity… Anything to help me improve with each Web Fiction Directory update will really help me out.

You can comment below, or reply to me on Twitter, or even send an e-mail to Quinlan Circle‘s address (hint: it’s just the name plus gmail, but obviously I’m not going to link it and get the spambots on us). Heck, if you’re a company representative, and you want your site listed, you’re welcome to ask too. Just remember, if I catch you mass-spamming authors or offering bad contracts, you’ll be blacklisted. For good. Don’t do it.

So, help me out and let’s improve this list and help the whole community out.

Web Fiction Directory update
Here’s some lesbian clip art to send us off

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