I Have to Throw Away This Cool Star Wars Shirt :(

Sometimes, you have to throw away Star Wars shirts. There isn’t anything else you can do with Star Wars shirts sometimes.

I’ve had this thing for over 3 years now, ever since I found it used at a Book-Off. Sometimes you see a T-shirt and instantly purchase it, because that’s just what you do. This Star Wars shirt was an instant classic.

I mean, look at it. Bizarre colors, weird Engrish vibes but without anything egregious. “Join Us” which doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Jango Fett’s whole deal, which was explicitly anti-“Join Us” and rather “Clone Myself A Lot.” And the back…

…Actually, it’s BOBA Fett who’s in the scene? Using his precise birth date in the BBY calendar system, which is nice use of lore (a major selling point for me)? Then saying “Mandalore Army Corps,” which is a nonsensical bad use of lore?

It’s stupid and strange in every way, and I love it.

But… It’s time to end this thing.

The shirt got older, and it was never the highest quality to begin with. So, over time, its ink tag area (rather than an actual tag) started bleeding into the rest of the shirt. A white shirt, of course, which created stains all over the neck line. And all over my actual neck the last time I wore it.

It sucks! I want to wear my Boba Fett shirt!

I was too much of a pack rat to just toss it in the trash, but I did stuff it in one of the many boxes I shipped back home to family in America and used it as filler to protect my actual vaulables. Probably a good use for a Star Wars shirt past its due date.

I’ll just have to keep scouring used clothing stores to find more stupid T-shirts to fall in love with.

Oh wait, I already did that.

star wars shirt

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