Sometimes the world needs to look at old Pokemon card art. I’m talking that real old stuff, the kind of old Pokemon card art where half the art was primitive 3D renders and a good chunk were outright clay models (which of course I love). New art’s good too, for sure. I don’t love the giant border-busting garish GX cards and whatnot, but the normal cards are filled with goodness even still. But that’s for another time maybe. Today is for old Pokemon card art only!

If you wanna browse old sets for cool art, look at PkmnCards, which is basically Scryfall for Pokemon. Here’s the list of sets.

Now, onto some assorted cards:

old pokemon art
My boy Jigglypuff literally teaching sentient music notes how to do their thing
old pokemon art
Jump for joy
old pokemon art
One of my very first Pokemon cards back in the day. Gnarly vines.
Just gorgeous
Ghastly is a punk!
A really cool classic.
Rule 0 out that mass land destruction
old pokemon art
He’s finding a brand new life for himself in the city
old pokemon art
Scizor in a cool pose, terrible photoshopped villain guy behind her, and she doesn’t even care.
Oh my gosh the clay models… I almost forgot about them…
old pokemon art
The rules text is extremely clunky but the artwork is just great.
Uri Geller made Kadabra stop appearing on merchandise after like 2003 but at least we got to see Kadabra in this cool anime pose first.
The Big Man on the Town
old pokemon art
So cuuuuuuuute
Oh, this is that whole Crystal Pokemon thing, a predecessor to the all-time awesome Holon region deal. I really love Golem’s pose here either way.

I could and probably will share more old Pokemon card art in the near future. Because there’s just hundreds of awesome little pieces out there. And that’s what makes the Pokemon card game so much fun to collect. You and me gotta explore this more.

Share your favorite Pokemon cards! I want to see them.

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