200 Blog Posts! Feel Free to Binge ’em.

Gosh, I have 200 blog posts now!

When I started this blog in 2018, it was mostly just to have a place to make story announcements and to host my bibliography page. In fact, I didn’t even make my first real post until January 2019! Since then, the blog’s always just been for rambles. Not enough people subscribe to it for it to be that useful for story updates, although I do still post them, of course. I think Twitter and other social networks are where most people follow me for the actual news stuff. Instead, this place is just where I can dump my rants and reflections and have not many people read them.

That’s OK! I’m fine! I like seeing the slow trickle of reads that comes from having a bunch of posts that all get clicks here and there. It’s rewarding when I find out that some post I wrote in 2019 is getting a couple readers from sources unknown even in 2022. In fact, the whole site’s seen a big boost in readers in the last couple months. Ever since I started posting again, there’s been a lot more readers.

However… I have a challenge for both myself and all my readers.

200 Blog Posts Binge Challenge

200 blog posts

See, the site is more popular than normal lately, but over half the views come from just the top couple posts: Web Fiction Directory, Curtains Were Blue, Guide to Cute Romance, Euphonium Queer Baiting, and a few others. A lot of the smaller posts haven’t gotten a view in years!

So, I want to spread the wealth and encourage all y’all to take a leisurely stroll through this Thedude3445 blog. I write about all sorts of topics, and I’m sure you’ll find some interesting stuff to read about. Spend an hour or two and binge my blog posts, and tell me how you liked it.

I’ll share a list of some Recommended Reads below, but feel free to read ’em however you want; it’s up to you to explore the site and binge my 200 blog posts.

200 blog posts

Recommended Reads (Start Here!)

22 posts, so just over 10% of all my 200 blog posts thus far. Take your pick, read them at your own pace, and binge if you want. I hope you super enjoy your time here!

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