I Went to Jesus Christ’s Grave (in Japan)

So, bored one weekend recently, and forced to social distance and go only to the least-popular attractions in my region, some friends and I decided to travel to one of the most odd spots in the entire world… Jesus Christ’s Grave, in Shingo, Aomori.

You may recall I once went to the Kogarashi Shrine in Shizuoka last year and had a very interesting experience with an odd, out of the way, beautiful location. Well, this one was a pretty similar experience, but for different reasons. It’s… a pretty interesting place. Wikipedia tells all (but so will I later in the article).

Here’s the details of my trip! (Also don’t worry, social distancing measures were taken very seriously.)

Jesus Christ's grave

The path starts with a walk up a hill, as is normal for these types of locations. A mysterious forest grove, perhaps… I’m glad this one is a ramp, though, instead of stairs. Good accessibility!

Jesus Christ's grave

By the way, this is on the other side of the road. From Jesus’s grave. Some random farmhouse lived in by old people. This adds a lot of credence to the theory that this is, in fact, Jesus’s actual grave.

A map of the area. Jesus’s grave is , and is…. well, we’ll get to that.

So, go up a steep hill, and then you arrive at the location:

Jesus Christ's grave

…And now here we are, in a place that looks very suspiciously like a Buddhist Temple.

Jesus Christ's grave

There’s even a tiny Buddha statue over by the graves. Hmmmmm…

But here it is! Jesus’s grave (and the grave of his brother Ikirisu):

Here is the full story, according to the board in front of the graves:

I believe it. I’m fully convinced already.

jesus christ's grave
I’ve already forgotten which one is which. Is this Jesus? Who knows.
Jesus Christ's grave
…The Japanese people have left offerings in front of these graves.
Jesus Christ's grave

I also found this weird igloo-looking pyramid thing. I have no idea what it is supposed to be.

Jesus Christ's grave

However, if you take a look inside….

Jesus Christ's grave
Jesus Christ's grave

A bunch of prayers tied up to the tents, exactly in the same way like they do at Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines. the ones in the middle are high schoolers who are wishing to do well in their tennis club.

Jesus Christ's grave
Here is more info inside the tourist center.
Jesus Christ's grave
Here is some black garlic-flavored ice cream that was being sold inside the tourist center. At Jesus Christ’s grave.
Lastly, here’s a vintage, worn-out sign for Georgia Coffee, Coca Cola’s canned coffee brand (sold only in Japan, oddly enough).

So that was my journey to see Jesus’s tomb. Is it real? Did Jesus really go to Japan and die at age 106? The evidence is here, but I’m not so sure……..

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