Oh Yeah, Follow Me on Goodreads

I forgot about Goodreads until recently when I realized I could sync my blog here with the posts on there. Now, just like my hidden Tumblr account and sadly my less hidden Twitter account, Goodreads will sync my blog posts and hopefully get more people to read stuff on here.

My author page though only has four followers as of this writing, and that’s sad because I think even this blog has more e-mail subscribers than that. So, I implore all y’all book friends to follow my author page and stay fresh on all the latest updates! Of course, you’ll already know the latest updates because you’ll be on this blog. But it’s the principle of the thing, okay.

I forgot how to add books to Goodreads (why isn’t it a more comprehensive database automatically?), but I guess as I grow closer to releasing a whole lot more ebooks, that’ll become a lot more important. Soon, you will be able to write the glowing 5-star review of Systemless, Volume 2 that I know you’ve been saving up in your heart for the past two and a half years.

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2 thoughts on “Oh Yeah, Follow Me on Goodreads

  1. 1. Yeah, baby!
    2. Pup
    3. Please help me make an author page and link it to my blog (and upload books…) so I can follow in your footsteps

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